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Are you ready for your project in bathroom remodeling Plano, TX? Even if you’re not, now’s a good time to look into one! You might be confused or lost with how to go about it, but we’ll help you and keep you informed every step of the way!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Before anything else, it’s important to develop a detailed plan. Before going all-in, you’ll need to straighten out the details. Skilled contractors for bathroom remodeling Plano can definitely help you with decision-making, but it helps when you’ve got some ideas of your own.

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How would you envision your ideal bathroom?

Begin by creating a preliminary sketch. Consider the aspects of your current bathroom that you appreciate and identify the changes you’d like to make. Additionally, conduct some research to discover bathroom design concepts that resonate with you. You can easily find a variety of bathroom design inspirations by conducting a simple Google search.

However, don’t limit yourself during the initial stages of the  design process. Be receptive to various design possibilities! It’s when you explore different ideas that you ultimately stumble upon the most exceptional ones.

Furthermore, apart from the  kitchen, bathrooms likely offer one of the greatest opportunities for  design and creativity.


Can you afford it?

Now that you have your idea, you’ll need to see if it fits your budget. You should try to prepare for the worst, since there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to afford everything that you were thinking of having done. That being said, having a budget will allow you to separate aspects of your project into things that you absolutely must have done and things that can be given up for the sake of your budget. Who knows? Maybe your budget will be able to fund your entire project and some extra things as well.

Before you spend even a single penny, try to get as detailed of a price breakdown as possible. You can do your research and make this price breakdown on your own, or you can consult a contractor to help with that breakdown. Consulting a contractor is probably the better option, since a contractor will have carried out quite a few bathroom remodels and will be more knowledgeable about the prices of certain materials needed.

Additionally, remember to leave yourself a bit of financial cushion for potential setbacks during the process of your bathroom remodeling Plano. Hopefully everything goes well, but you can never be too sure. And, if everything does end up going well, you’ll have some extra money to spend on add more design elements (if you want to do so).

Start with the major design elements – bathroom remodeling Plano, Texas

Start with the major bathroom design elements and work your way to the more minor ones later. Major elements consist of:

Plumbing- will you keep your plumbing (for the toilet, sink, and shower) in place or do you plan on having them moved?

Flooring- What type of flooring will be both visually appealing and functional? What sized tiles are best for your project?

Countertop(s)- What looks best and will it be able to handle everyday use? What kind of countertop? A vanity? If so, what kind of vanity?

Shower/Tub- Do you want both? Two showers? Is a shower/tub combo what you want? What type of tiles do you want for your shower floor and walls?

As you can observe, there are numerous choices involved in bathroom renovation projects. It’s advisable to approach your project by taking it one step at a time. Additionally, make sure to address each set of questions before progressing to the next one. You have the creative freedom to make design decisions, while your remodeling contractor will take care of measurements and installation.

We’ll do our best to assist you in addressing some of these questions…


For the sake of ease, it’s best to keep your plumbing in the same place. Redoing the plumbing that runs through your walls and flooring will cost you quite a bit. You can still change your bathroom fixtures even without moving your plumbing.

A popular product these days is the wall-hung toilet. This type of toilet is installed solely to the wall, which means there isn’t a base and the actual toilet tank is hidden behind the wall. Not only do wall-hung toilets look nicer, but they also save space. The’re usually reserved for the more luxurious master bathrooms and for the space-saving aspect of smaller bathrooms.


Tile is your best choice for bathroom flooring. Carpet is a no-no and hardwood is a risk. Carpet doesn’t handle moisture well at all and hardwood has issues with it, too.

No.1 Best Bathroom Remodeling Plano TX- Nadine Floor Company

 The best way to go is either porcelain or natural stone tile. Porcelain is practically indestructible. Its surface is smooth, making it easy to clean and maintain. It has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, making it the most suitable choice available on the market when it comes to protecting against moisture.

Homeowners seem to underestimate the uniqueness of porcelain design. You can buy porcelain tiles that imitate the look of hardwood and natural stone. Also, colors and patterns are practically endless. You’ll definitely be able to find a porcelain tile look that completely suits the theme of your bathroom remodeling Plano.

Natural stone flooring is gorgeous; however, a major downside of it is moisture vulnerability. All natural stone materials are porous, which means that water or other liquids can enter the pores of the material and work their way to the core, which can result in discoloration of the surface.

When you decide on natural stone flooring, whether it’s granite, marble, travertine or some other type, remember to have it sealed. A sealant will protect against moisture penetration, keeping the flooring in pristine condition.

Nadine Floor Company is here to guide you to choose best flooring for bathroom remodeling Plano services.



You’ll come across the same issue with your bathroom countertops, but to a lesser extent. As far as countertops supplies go, you can actually go with natural stone. So long as you have it sealed, you shouldn’t have any problems with durability. Plus, water is much much less of a problem with countertops than with a floor.

A granite or quartz countertops can capture the moment with its attractive veiny design and elegant appeal. You’ll have many designs to choose from regardless of which natural stone material you choose to go with. Honestly, it’s wise to base your whole bathroom remodeling Plano around the type of countertop you choose/have. That’s how much of an effect natural stone has. Your countertops could be the main point of interest of your remodeled bathroom!

Nadine Floor Company offers unique and elegant looking bathroom countertops for bathroom remodeling Plano.


Believe it or not, there’s a lot to decide on with baths/showers. First of, many homeowners feel the need to have a bath tub in their bathroom even though they only ever shower. When you don’t use a bathtub then what’s the purpose of buying one? It’s only going to take up space.

Why not just a nice shower for your bathroom? Recently, frameless glass showers have become really popular. Frameless glass showers add chicness to a bathroom wile also making the space look larger. There’s no need for a shower curtain and no panels to detract from the modern look.

As for the development of showers over the years, homeowners are starting to move away from fiberglass bases and go for acrylic or porcelain ones. These can be installed; they aren’t installed and transported like fiberglass. For shower tiles, you can’t go wrong with porcelain. Use smaller times on the floor to provide better grip and use larger ones for the walls. The difference in tile sizes will give your shower a unique and bold look.

Other things to consider – Bathroom Remodeling Plano, Texas


Both natural lighting and fixture lighting have an enormous affect on the looks of a bathroom. Benefiting from natural light won’t just help you lower your energy bills, but it will show off your bathroom and make it seem more open.

It’s a good idea to have at least one window in a bathroom. Even for smaller bathrooms, a tiny window above the toilet or shower can make a huge difference. For privacy purposes, have a frosted-glass window panel installed.

No.1 Best Bathroom Remodeling Plano TX- Nadine Floor Company

For electrical lighting, consider having dimmer lights installed. This way, you can control the lighting throughout the bathroom. You can also adjust the lighting according to your mood. Dimmers are great for  master bathrooms, but they probably won’t be necessary for half bathrooms.


Fixtures are probably the most overlooked aspects of a bathroom. There is a wide variety of fixtures available for selection. The objective is to discover a collection that enhances the character of your bathroom, acting as a subtle addition rather than a focal point. These fixtures need not be attention-grabbing upon entering the bathroom; instead, they should function as understated elements that contribute to the overall appeal of the space.

This includes items such as lighting fixtures (whether sconces or others), towel racks, toilet paper holders, faucets, knobs, handles, and more. All of them have a purpose, so all of them should match, or at least suit, on another.

Don’t forget about the contractor!

Tackling a project on your own about bathroom remodeling Plano will be a huge headache. The decision-making is tough enough on it’s own, but actually demolishing the bathroom and actually remodeling it…that’s practically unimaginable for the average homeowner.

Surre, there are certain aspects of the remodel that you can do on your own. For example, painting the walls, installing the fixtures and maybe putting in the cabinetry. But the rest are best left to a professional.

Contractors with expertise contribute knowledge, experience, and skill. They’ll have the equipment necessary to complete precise measurements, pressures and moisture ranges. Installing a natural stone countertop requires cutting the stone’s edges and shaping it, which is a difficult operation. Your contractor will be able to shape it. He will even have to sand the stone, depending on what type of edge you choose.

Porcelain flooring is tedious to install as well. The proper caulking needs to be used, the right grout, and everything has to be done properly in order to yield the proper results.

Those are things to consider when planning a project for bathroom remodeling Plano. Would you do it yourself and cause yourself so much stress or rely on people who do it for a living?

Nadine Floor Company – Bathroom Remodeling Plano

Give Nadine Floor Company a call to get your remodel started! We’ll help you through the decision-making process and we’ll complete an initial estimate to give you an idea for budgeting. As soon as your decisions on what materials you want to use are made, our experts will move onto installation. In the long term, you’ll have yourself a beautifully renovated bathroom; thus, a greatly improved house!

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