Community Alliance Program

Building Trust By Commitment And Devotion To Our Community – Community Alliance Program

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to give back to our community by supporting nonprofits and businesses dedicated to providing better healthier and living conditions for those in need in our community within the scope of our business.”


Nadine Floor Company, in coherent with our mission, have supported many local schools activities for the past ten years, as well as local churches, mosques, other religious institutions, and local shelters; by direct donation, or by providing materials and labor services at cost. This, community alliance program, comes in the light of the growing need, in our community, for such assistant. This community alliance program will allow Nadine Floor Company to give back to all who support our growing business, any time they choose to, and how. In the past Nadine Floor Company’s marketing budget restricted us from including all parts of our community in our support efforts. Our donations, and contribution in the past, were based on firstcome first served basis.


Nadine Floor Company deeply appreciates that the majority of their customers come from referrals. To show their gratitude and commitment to the community, they have established accounts for each participating organization within the Community Alliance Program. These accounts are credited with “POINTS” for every referral business Nadine Floor Company completes.

These accumulated points are not just a token gesture. They can be applied towards the flooring and renovation needs of the participating institution itself. Furthermore, they can be used to assist a member of that institution who may be facing an emergency or dire circumstances.


Establishing the accounts simply allow Nadine Floor Company to show our gratitude to all who supports our growing business. We respectfully ask you to join our Community alliance program, and take advantage of our offerings. To do so please fill the attached form.

Contact us;
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Nadine Floor Company's mission?

Nadine Floor Company’s mission is to give back to their community by supporting nonprofits and businesses dedicated to providing better, healthier living conditions for those in need within the scope of their business.

2. How does Nadine Floor Company support their community?

They support their community by providing direct donations, materials, and labor services to local schools, churches, mosques, shelters, and other institutions. They also have a Community Alliance Program that rewards referrals with points that can be used for flooring and renovation needs.

3. Can individuals join the Community Alliance Program?

The Community Alliance Program is primarily designed for organizations and businesses, but individuals can inquire with Nadine Floor Company to explore the possibilities of participation.

4. What are the "POINTS" mentioned in the article?

“POINTS” are credits earned by organizations for every referral business completed by Nadine Floor Company. These credits can be used for various purposes, including flooring and renovation needs.

5. How can I get in touch with Nadine Floor Company to learn more about their community support initiatives?

You can contact Nadine Floor Company through email at or by calling their store at (469) 666-4530.

Join & Earn 1% of the Total Paid-in-Full Invoice on All Referrals

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