Bathroom Designs Plano, TX

Bathroom Designs Plano, TX

Is browsing through Pinterest a hobby of yours? Are you someone who always has HGTV playing at your house? Often times, the designs found on Pinterest and home improvement shows are impractical. As much as you might want to have an all-marble bathroom with a soaking tub overlooking the ocean, chances are that your budget (or location) won’t allow it. It would be wise to look for some more practical bathroom designs Plano ideas for your home.

The Basics of Color Schemes – Bathroom Designs Plano

There are many colors to choose from when in comes to designing a room,  but it’s best to narrow down your color selection when remodeling your bathroom. While having an accent color is nice, it’s best to have the base color be a neutral one. If your mind is set on a warm color scheme, a blend of beige and brown would look nice.

When you choose more bold colors, you risk your bathroom looking outdated down the line. To your bathroom going out of style later, consider these basic color schemes:

No.1 Best Bathroom Designs Plano TX - Nadine Floor Company

Some of the more visually appealing bathroom designs Plano play up one main color. For instance, a bathroom with white marble floors and white granite countertops with gray grain. The walls are painted white and accessories like the tub and toilet would also be white.

But you should be careful to not overdo it. There should be a slight break-up in the scheme, such as a window or a glass shower door. Maybe have one wall a different color, such as a neutral gray.

Monochromatic with a focal point
This leads us to our next scheme. Having a focal point in your monochromatic bathroom can be a nice touch. For instance, a brass chandelier hanging from the ceiling or brass fixtures used throughout the bathroom. The point is to have something that stands out rather than just blending in.

For bathroom designs Plano, Texas, a mix of light and dark colors always creates a visually appealing bathroom. That’s what we see in most contemporary bathrooms in Plano, TX these days A combination of white and black will never go out of style. Just imagine a white vanity topped with black granite, surrounded by white walls, black cabinetry, and accented by large gray granite tiles.

Remember the golden rule: rooms will look larger if made up by light colors. Natural light entering the room can make a big difference, too. Because bathrooms, whether guest or master bathrooms, are relatively small spaces; it’s essential that you give them a spacious feel. Space = comfort. The very least you can do is use light colors (for example, white, light gray, lime green, baby blue, yellow) for the walls.

Beige base
Beige is always a safe color to use for bathroom designs  Plano (and even kitchen designs, for that matter). A beige porcelain tile complimented by maple or oak cabinetry gives off a natural, warm look. A wood vanity with a black granite countertop will give the bathroom the perfect bit of contrast. White countertops would also look just as nice, as they would match many of the fixtures (bathtub, toilet, shower base, etc.).

Advance the appeal with material mix-up

Frankly, bathroom designs Plano practically are limitless (as long as they’re within budget). There are so many types of tile, infinite grains of granite and endless ways to plan the overall design.

A common theme with today’s homeowners is filling part of the wall with a specific tile design. It’s hard to describe in words, but the general idea is to grab people’s attention, whether a basic stripe of tiny tiling along the walls or a whole mosaic design on part of a wall. A mosaic can cover a whole wall, it can run horizontally, vertically… there are so many options!

Porcelain tiles are always a great option for bathroom designs Plano—for both flooring and walls. It’s affordable, and withstands moisture well. In fact, porcelain’s water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. Despite your excitement for your new bathroom, durability should always be the most important aspect. You want to choose materials that will make your bathroom look nice, but also make it last for years to come.

Granite is a great option for countertops, flooring and to put on walls. Just make sure that you have it sealed if you do decide to have it installed. The same goes for other natural stones like slate, marble and travertine. If you are choosing between porcelain/ceramic and slate/marble, porcelain will guard against moisture seepage best, while the other options will offer a more luxurious appearance.

No.1 Best Bathroom Designs Plano TX - Nadine Floor Company

What are some of the biggest trends in bathroom designs Plano, TX?

  • Doorless Showers
  • Frameless Glass Showers
  • Mosaics
  • Freestanding Bathtubs
  • Heated Floors

Doorless showers: Many Plano homeowners find doors are overrated, especially shower doors. Shower doors don’t really provide any privacy. Doorless showers open the bathroom even more. Just make sure that the shower design you choose doesn’t allow water to spill onto the flooring.

Frameless glass showers: If you choose to keep a glass shower, try one without frames. Frames are outdated. These days, frameless showers are in as they avoid rust and bacteria growth.

Mosaics: We briefly mentioned mosaics earlier, but we didn’t mention tile rugs. For an attention-grabbing aspect for your bathroom, consider a mosaic in the middle of your floor. The design would have the intricacy of a rug, but it’d be made solely out of tile. Tile rugs are becoming more and more popular with homeowners who have budgets that allow for it.

Freestanding bathtubs: Traditional bathtubs are making a bit of a comeback, but more the visual appeal than functionality. A freestanding tub just screams luxury. Its spa-like and retro appeal will impress anyone who enters your bathroom.

Heated floors: As expected, heated floor is more about feel and less about appearance. No one likes to feel cold tile after walking on warm carpeting. It may seem a bit extra, but, if you have the budget for it, a heated floor could make all the difference for your comfort. They’re among some of the newer bathroom designs Plano.

Must Have Features – Bathroom Designs Plano

Here are some features that must have your home a bathroom designs Plano, Texas:

Window: A bathroom window will always help open up the space. You’ll definitely benefit from the natural light it brings in. The amount of natural light in a bathroom helps with choosing color schemes. With the sun shining through through your window, you’ll have more freedom with color selection!

Skylight: We’ll do you one better… how about a skylight in your bathroom? The space would benefit from more natural light, plus and you won’t have to worry about privacy because no one will be able to peek into that window. Skylights scream luxury!

Dual Shower Heads: Showers have become somewhat of a centerpiece in bathrooms. With doorless and frameless glass showers becoming more and more popular, the inside of the shower has become more important when it comes to remodeling, so it needs to look nice as well. There are a variety of shower head options available that not only enhance the look of your shower, but also the quality of time spent inside it.

Be Creative With Your Bathroom Vanity

Choosing a bathroom vanity is one of the less common decisions people have to make when remodeling their bathrooms. It’s still important, but it’s something you can pick out later—after flooring, paint colors and cabinetry have been selected. You should probably have your countertop material selected in advance as well.

A vanity can help add your personal touch to a bathroom space. There are vanities available that aren’t attached to the wall, but instead stand on four legs. Or, you can have a floating vanity that is about 6-12 inches off of the floor and is attached to the wall behind it.

Vanities allow for lots of storage and added character. Any items that are placed on open shelving should be organized, otherwise you’ll be detracting from the beauty of the vanity.

It’s up to you whether you want your vanity to blend in, stand out, or accent the rest of your bathroom. These choices are determined by the color and size of your vanity. Most homeowners want it to compliment the other large accessories in their bathroom. However, others see it as the “stand out” feature that we discussed earlier. If you want your vanity to pop, make sure it adds to the design rather than detract from it.

Nadine Floor Company – Bathroom Designs Plano, Texas

A bathroom designs Plano, Texas is a major project. It requires lots of decision making, strategic budgeting, and quite a bit of patience. It’s definitely a difficult task to handle on your own. That’s why we suggest hiring a great bathroom remodeling contractor to help make your project go smoothly.

Contact Nadine Floor Company for bathroom designs Plano! Past our flooring expertise, we also have skilled carpenters and installation experts. Our team will help you through your decision-making and keep you in the loop throughout the remodeling process. By the time we’re done, you will be blown away by the looks and functionality of your newly remodeled bathroom!

For more information, please visit Also, check out our blog for more helpful tips on home remodeling and more home and bathroom designs Plano.

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