Kitchen Remodeling Plano TX

Kitchen Remodeling Plano TX

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about the potential transformation of your kitchen into a sleek and contemporary space? It’s time to turn those thoughts into reality! The first step to starting a kitchen remodel is contacting a company to help with the kitchen remodeling idea you have for your Plano, TX home.

The professionals will assist you in selecting the required materials, provide guidance on the process of renovating your kitchen, and provide a cost estimate based on your material choices. Your home improvement project will be expertly managed throughout the entire process.

We find that most homeowners come to us with some ideas already in mind, which is great! We can discuss such ideas to clarify the details. You possess the concept, and we will transform it into reality!

No ideas? Don’t worry! Our staff has helped remodel hundreds kitchens. So we’ll have plenty of ideas to help you get started.

The Big Picture

It’s very important for a homeowner to consider their kitchen one collective project. Even if you’re only remodeling one aspect of your kitchen, it’s essential that it fits well with its surroundings.

For instance, a new kitchen countertop will need to go well with the flooring, wall color, fixtures, cabinets and overall color scheme. Maybe you’d prefer for your countertop to stand out rather than blending in with your kitchen setting. Even then, you’d still need to consider your existing kitchen scheme to make sure it stands out in an interesting way, not an awkward one.

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, then you’ll need to consider your kitchen in its entirety. Not just for design purposes, but also for your budgeting purposes.

Do your research on the different types of materials involved in your kitchen remodel (ex: natural stone for kitchen countertops), or visit a home improvement store. You might be able to narrow down your options online, and then visit a brick-and-mortar store to look at samples in person. That’s probably the best thing to do!

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Nadine Floor Company can help you figure out some of the aspects that lead to more important decisions. We can schedule a visit to help give you an estimate so that you can see if the project you have in mind fits your budget.

Aspects to consider when thinking about a kitchen remodeling Plano TX:

  • Countertops: Material, edge type, installation cost if replacing
  • Flooring: Material, square footage, installation cost if replacing
  • Wall Color
  • Cabinets: Size, installation cost if replacing
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances and other aspects: refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, dining table, etc.

Kitchen remodeling Plano TX can be quite a daunting task at first, but expert remodeling contractors can really help simplify the process from start to end.


There’s no aspect of a kitchen remodel that will stand out as much as a change in kitchen countertops. With many different elegant countertop materials available, you’ll definitely be able to choose the best countertop material for your kitchen!

Granite and quartz are most popular countertop materials. They are very similar with regards to their appearances, functionality and prices. Each slab of granite and quartz is different from the others. The uniqueness and elegance of both will mesmerize your guests, regardless of whether you choose a granite or quartz countertop.

Marble and slate are the most luxurious, but also most expensive choices. Marble is porous, meaning that water and other liquids can damage the surface by staining it and causing discoloration. That’s why most homeowners choose to have marble installed in less risky areas, like entryways or living areas, usually as flooring.

Slate is also typically used as floor material. Homeowners tend to opt for more economical choices for their countertops, like the granite and quartz we mentioned earlier.


You want your flooring choice to help with the flow of your kitchen. It shouldn’t take away from the elegance of the countertops, but it should give your kitchen a bold and sleek look.

Some of the more popular flooring options are porcelain and ceramic tile. Both types of tile come in a wide variety of shades. Both also withstand heavy impacts, moisture, and humidity quite well.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic?

Porcelain has a moisture absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Any tile that has an absorption rate above 0.5% is labeled “ceramic”. That’s basically the difference.

Natural stone tile is becoming more popular in Plano, TX homes, particularly their kitchens. As long as the surface has been sealed, stones like granite, travertine and limestone will make for very attractive kitchen flooring. Grout is normally quite thin with natural stone tiles; therefore, it should be a bit easier to maintain.

Tile makes for easy maintenance. You won’t have to pay much attention to it after it’s installed.

Hardwood flooring is also finding its way into kitchens these days. It’s a beautiful flooring material, but it’s risky for a kitchen. Hardwood is more vulnerable to moisture absorption than pretty much any type of flooring material. Spills and steam can definitely ruin its surface and detract from its beauty.

No.1 Best Kitchen Remodeling Plano TX - Nadine Floor Company

Wall Color

The interior of your kitchen will get the most attention, so don’t overthink wall color. Just know that plain white is a no-no these days. It’s too plain and it reminds people or offices and stores too much.

Make sure that your wall color compliments the rest of your kitchen, from flooring to appliances. Consider different shades of gray, beige or faded green. The more natural light your kitchen brings in, the bolder color choices you can make.


Remodeling experts can help you when it comes to cabinetry. You’ll just have to confirm that you like the style and type and want it for your kitchen. Maybe you want to have full-length cabinetry. Or maybe you want adjustable shelves or pull out drawers. Whatever the case, your contractor should be able to help you get what you need.


Fixtures are a very underrated part  of kitchen remodeling Plano TX. They seem small and even insignificant to some, yet they can add lots of character to your kitchen.

A pendant light is a great fixture to add over your kitchen island, and it will definitely contribute to the overall kitchen design. Your contractor will be able to help you with selecting fixtures as well.


Lastly, you’ll probably want updated appliances. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel has been popular for so long that it probably shouldn’t be considered a trend anymore. Or, if stainless steel isn’t your cup of tea, solid black appliances are also great for a modern kitchen.

Don’t worry about measurements, your contractor can take care of that. Before we start the demolition process, we’ll go over a detailed floor plan of how your kitchen will look once the project has been completed. .

Nadine Floor Company – Kitchen Remodeling Plano TX

Nadine Floor Company offers full services of kitchen remodeling Plano TX. We also offer bathroom remodeling and general home remodeling services.

You’ll find the best products at our store. We’ll help you find materials that will fit your budget, help you make a decision and execute the installation for you. Once the project is complete, your kitchen will look better than you could’ve ever imagined!

There’s no need to let a kitchen remodeling project stress you out. Just give us a call and we’ll simplify the whole process for you. Our customer service is top notch, too! We keep our customers in the loop and engaged the whole time.

To learn more about our services, please visit You can also check out our blog where you’ll find all kinds of helpful remodeling tips.

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