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Is porcelain tile better than ceramic tile?

Porcelain tile and ceramic tile are very closely related. In fact, porcelain is actually a form of ceramic. The difference is that porcelain is heated at a higher temperature, resulting in greater density than ceramic. Additionally, each flooring material is composed slightly differently than the other, but we’ll go into detail regarding that in a bit. It’s up to you to decide whether or not porcelain floor tile is better than ceramic floor tile. We’ll give you a little comparison to help you make your decision.

Strengths of Porcelain

Durabilityporcelain vs ceramic-tiles

Porcelain is not given its name unless it has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Therefore, it’s extremely strong against moisture. Water, or any other liquid for that matter, won’t be able to surpass porcelain’s surface. This quality protects porcelain floor tile from cracking and staining beneath the surface.

Through Body Color

Porcelain generally has a “through body color”. This means that, even if it has been damaged or chipped off, the color under the surface is the same. If an object dropped on it chips the porcelain surface, the chip will be quite hard to notice because of the consistent color throughout. The damage will still be there, but it won’t be noticeable.


One of the great things about porcelain flooring tiles is that it can be installed both inside and outside of the home. Its dense, low-porous qualities make it perfect for outdoor tiling, whether used for flooring or for countertops. Porcelain can withstand rain and heavy impacts with no issue. Additionally, it can withstand freezing temperatures and will keep its design and form through sunlight.

Strengths of Ceramic


Ceramic is extremely similar to porcelain, and vise versa. Porcelain does offer slightly more with regards quality and durability, but it’s more expensive than ceramic. Therefore, it could be better for consumers to opt in for ceramic, which is more affordable, and sacrifice the material’s slight deficiencies.


Ceramic tiles can be installed the DIY way. Due to it’s softer surface, ceramic can be cut with a basic tile cutter. Tile cutters are much safer to use than wet saws. They are safe enough for even novice DIYers to use (but even so, make sure to properly read the instructions before starting).

DesignPorcelain vs Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain floor tile is inviting. The design options are always comforting and complimentary to its surroundings—kitchen and bathroom environments. Glazed ceramic tile can be customized into all sorts of shades and patterns, giving homeowners a variety of options to choose from.

Limitations of Porcelain


Of course, the extreme durability of porcelain drives demand and, by extension, price. You’ll pay quite a bit up front for porcelain, but you won’t have to pay for any other problems for many years to come.

Difficult to Install

Porcelain installation is meant for installation experts, not DIYers. Porcelain’s hardness requires a wet saw to cut. Only those experienced and skilled in sawing should try cutting porcelain.

Limitations of Ceramic

Water Absorption

Ceramic doesn’t have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. If it did, it’d be considered porcelain. Therefore, ceramic is more vulnerable to moisture absorption and will crack if exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Ceramic’s porosity makes it unsuitable for outside use as well.


Ceramic tiling does not have through body color. Thus, any chips or blemishes will be evident to those standing or walking on it. Damaged ceramic will most likely call for repair. If not, you’ll have to deal with unattractive and uneven ceramic tile flooring.

Hopefully we’ve helped you come up with a decision. If you’d like a close-up look at porcelain and ceramic tile options, visit Nadine Floor Company. We have a wide assortment and our experts are always ready to answer questions and complete installation for when needed. Call Nadine Floor Company today at (469) 666-4530! Also, check our blog for more helpful information.

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