Shower Remodel Plano TX

Shower Remodel Plano TX

Despite showers being an overlooked aspect of bathrooms before, they’ve since become somewhat of a centerpiece in today’s bathrooms. The shower/tub combo with a curtain is no longer considered trendy. It might work for a guest bathroom where there’s less space, but don’t have it detract from the appearance of your master bathroom. These days, it’s all about walk-in showers! If your current shower is just not working for you, we suggest looking into having your shower remodeled.

Here are some of the most popular options for shower remodel Plano TX homes:

Frameless glass shower doors

Give your bathroom a chic appeal by having the highest quality frameless glass shower doors installed. Not only do they look sleek, but they’ll make the room look bigger as well since there will be no curtains to take up space. Also, you won’t have to worry about shower frames growing mold.

You really can’t go wrong with frameless glass shower doors. They’re extremely popular these days, and they won’t be losing popularity anytime soon.

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Unique shower wall as the focal point

If you really want to grab someone’s attention right when they enter your bathroom, have a unique backsplash installed inside of your shower area. Nothing is more attention grabbing than mosaic tile.

Tile manufacturers offer a wide selection of captivating stone and porcelain mosaics, featuring various options in terms of tile shapes, sizes, and colors for you to choose from. An attention-grabbing back wall is perfect for bathrooms in which the entrance opposes the back wall of the shower.

Make the most of natural light

Natural light can really open up a bathroom. Similar to frameless glass shower doors, it makes the space seem larger, more welcoming, and less confined. If your bathroom layout allows for it, many homeowners have corner showers installed to allow for more natural lighting to spread in the bathroom.

This layout option gives a bathroom as many avenues for natural light as possible. A window, on a shower wall or a skylight in the ceiling, will brighten a small space.

Open shower – No doors!

For large, spacious master bathrooms, the “no shower door” concept can look quite luxurious as a shower remodeling project. These kinds of showers allow for the homeowner to enter from the side. The shower needs to be very spacious, however, because you don’t want any water spraying out.

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels

Another way to extend a bathroom is to have floor-to-ceiling glass panels installed for your shower. Such a bathroom remodel project will enhance the sense of luxury in your shower. This design will look best if you have a high ceiling in your bathroom. A bathroom with a normal, low ceiling can start to look cramped if floor-to-ceiling glass panels are installed as shower doors and walls.

Spa-like appearance

If you it fits in your budget, why not make your bathroom space like an at-home spa? It doesn’t take much to make a bathroom a relaxing space; things like floating tubs can help make your bathroom more luxurious and an area of relaxation. Maybe install a large shower head with different settings — rain showers heads, handheld shower heads with water pressure control, shower bench.

If you like taking long showers after a long day, you can make your shower a point of relaxation.

Half shower wall

Some homeowners have been getting half shower walls installed. Essentially, rather than having full walls surrounding a shower or a floor-to-ceiling glass pane, a half wall is placed in front of the shower. There’s no door, and most times, the half wall is the only wall if the shower is in a corner.

This is one of the many design concepts that can help maximize space and make your bathroom look bigger.


The color schemes used for bathroom designs can influence a bathroom’s size and appeal as well. Many people find contrasting colors quite appealing. For instance, having a bathroom filled with black cabinetry, with contrasting white countertops and white walls. As for the shower, you can have gray natural stone tiles to balance out the stark contrast of black and white.

If you want more bold contrasting colors, maybe try colors like dark blue or maroon and white. Everything goes well with white, it’s just a matter of balancing colors. Contrasting gray and white can also be a fantastic look.

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What about a bathroom decorated entirely with the same or similar colors? Remember what we said earlier about how lighter colors make a space look larger. Combining these two concepts can help make your bathroom look more spacious and luxurious.

Imagine  having light gray porcelain tile flooring, bright white cabinets, a white marble or granite countertop with gray grain or streak. You could even line shower walls with light gray porcelain tile or natural stone. These seemingly basic color schemes can create a completely elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Material mix-up

The endless creativity is the best part of bathroom and shower remodel Plano TX. You have a wide variety of colors, materials, design choices, etc. There are countless methods for creating a bathroom layout. Unfortunately, the downside to having so many options is that you may begin to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why we suggest contacting a reputable contractor who has worked on multiple bathroom remodels. A contractor had access to great materials and knows the ins and outs of bathroom remodels. He/she will be in the know when it comes to the latest bathroom design trends and can help you through the decision-making process.

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When planning your bathroom renovation and shower remodel Plano TX, give Nadine Floor Company a call! We’ll help you with every part of your bathroom remodel, whether it be changing your shower, flooring, countertop, or if it’s a plumbing-related issue. Our experienced staff has the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to give customers the bathroom they’ve always dreamed of!

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