Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Allen TX

Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Allen

A huge part of owning hardwood flooring in Allen is protecting your investment. You probably spent quite a bit on the hardwood flooring itself, plus more on installation. Every manufacturer will estimate the anticipated lifetime of a hardwood product but, in all honesty, owners have the most say in how long hardwood flooring lasts. To elongate your flooring’s life, follow the Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Allen tips below.

First of all, you’ll need to pay attention to the threats to hardwood flooring.

You’ll discover the vast majority of Hardwood Flooring Maintenance tips to be centered around moisture prevention. Moisture is dangerous to hardwood, because if it slips into the seams and down to the core, cupping and/or crowning may result. Planks might curl on the edges and even expand in the middle.

Hardwood technology has definitely enhanced over time and it’s safe to say the flooring type better withstands moisture than ever before, but moisture still remains a threat.

Scratching is the other threat. Some hardwood varieties will cowl up scratches higher than others; still, measures must be taken to keep away from scratching. We’ll clarify these as well:

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Preventative Suggestions

Place rugs in areas that experience excessive foot traffic

The more foot traffic a floor experiences, the more it will wear down—simple logic. Due to this, a good idea to guard the areas that experience more foot traffic. Area rugs might be able to help in this area, and they’re perfect for areas like living rooms. You should also consider placing a throw down mat in front of your kitchen sink (if you have hardwood flooring in your kitchen), especially in areas that tend to experience foot traffic.

Swiftly address and remove any accidental liquid spills

Once again, you don’t want moisture to get to the core of hardwood flooring. So, don’t leave spills standing. Something as simple and harmless as spilling a glass of water shouldn’t result in a damaged hardwood floor.


Don’t slide furniture

As far as scratching goes, make sure you pickup and put down furniture when moving it. Sliding furniture can and will scratch the ground. Sure, scratches under your sofa won’t be noticeable, but what if you rearrange the room sometime? Suddenly, these hidden scratches will become visible.

Place pads under all furniture legs

To prevent furniture from causing scratches, it’s advisable to use protective pads beneath the legs of all your furniture items. These include couches, chairs, tables and TV stands.

Use a sealant

Sealing hardwood flooring is extremely important, as it will guard against moisture absorption and scratching. It will probably be a cost added onto installation, but it will still protect your flooring.

Use rugs outside of all doorways

Try your best to keep dirt, grass and dust outside. Have guests wipe their footwear on a door mat before they walk into your Allen home. Another idea is to ask guests to remove their shoes at the front door, but that’s completely up to you.

Cleaning Suggestions

Try your best to sweep daily

Sweeping daily is among the top cleaning tips for hardwood flooring maintenance. This will keep your flooring clean and help you avoid more tedious cleaning later on. On a daily basis is bit of a stretch, but sweeping a few times a week is a good habit to get into.

No.1 Best Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Allen TX - Nadine Floor Company

Vacuum/Mop as often as every week

Vacuuming and mopping will keep your hardwood flooring free of mud and different particles. Make sure your vacuum is set to the proper hardwood setting, otherwise the bristles could cause scratching. Additionally, be careful when mopping. You just need to control the amount of water that hits the surface of your flooring. Wet mopping is risky.

Contemplate polishing every month

Polishing your hardwood flooring is an efficient cleaning measure to take. Polish cleans the wooden in its entirety, not just the surface.

Remember to periodically sand and refinish the surface.

Perhaps the best benefit of installing hardwood flooring is the fact that it can be sanded and refinished. You’ll basically have brand new flooring every time it’s refinished. Essentially, the top layer is sanded off, creating a new top layer, free of scratches.

Use manufacturer-specific cleaners

Some cleaning solutions are damaging to hardwood. To be safe, use cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturer or a hardwood flooring specialist.

Don’t steam clean

Just like how water damages hardwood, so does vapor/steam. Steam cleaning is dangerous because the steam covers the entire surface and is left to soak into the ground. Overexposure will most definitely cause damage over time.

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We hope these Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Allen tips help maintain the lifetime of your hardwood floor. None of them require much effort, you just need to get into the habit of cleaning. If you have any questions on hardwood flooring, or if you’re contemplating getting hardwood flooring, give Nadine Floor Company a call! Please visit our website—nadinefloors.com—to find out about our providers and check out our blog for more flooring and remodeling ideas.

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