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Engineered hardwood installation Allen has become quite popular with homeowners. If you’re curious about engineered hardwood or have already got it and are ready to install, you’ll probably want some advice on engineered hardwood flooring. Read on to learn more about the different installation methods.

First, just a few common ideas:

  • Let the flooring sit in the room of installation for at least 72 hours to allow it to acclimate to the room temperature.
  • Combine planks between packages to ensure a mix of shades to give your flooring character.
  • Check for warped boards. Obviously, you don’t want to use damaged planks in installation.
  • Gather necessary equipment
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Floating Ground

The floating technique consists of laying the engineered hardwood over a sub floor and connecting planks by clicking and locking them together. It’s considered the easiest installation technique because there’s no gluing or nailing required. It takes concentration like the other methods; still, the preparation is much less time-consuming. As long as the sub floor is dry and flat, putting in a floating floor is possible.

The glue down technique is comparatively straightforward as well. It’s perfect if your sub floor is made of concrete. A flooring adhesive needs to be spread across the sub floor and the engineered hardwood planks are placed over the adhesive. Some adhesives instruct planks to be installed while the glue is wet, while others say to install them after the glue has drier. Honestly, the former is easier as you can finish the Engineered Hardwood Installation Allen faster, with out having to wait for the glue to dry.

For those who choose to install over a wet adhesive, consider spreading the adhesive two ft at a time. This method helps with the overall process of installation as you won’t have to worry about the adhesive drying at later phases.

Staple Down Ground/Glue Down Ground

The staple down method is probably the most difficult; still, many Allen homeowners opt for the is method, as it’s the most dependable. Your carpenter expertise will be tested; therefore, if you don’t have carpentry expertise, you should either rely on the help of a professional or try another method of installation (floating or glue down).

Planks are actually stapled into the ground, about six inches apart. Since engineered hardwood installation Allen consists of additional non-hardwood layers, it’s most secure to make use of staples instead of nails. As soon as it’s all said and done, you’ll have sturdy, immovable flooring.

Installation basics

  • It’s smart to lay down the first two rows before actually installing them. Try to visualize the beginning of your engineered hardwood flooring, then draw a chalk line at the end of the second row. In addition, leave about a half-inch gap between the first row and the wall. The usage of spacers will secure the first row and keep the half-inch gap.
  • Make certain the tongue of every plank is facing the wall.
  • All planks needs to be staggered six inches to keep away from sample repetition. You don’t want H joints or a stair step sample to ruin your wood flooring.
  • You’ll be able to hammer planks into place by placing a tapping block over every and tapping the tapping block with a rubber mallet.
  • For those who use the glue-down method, be sure that no glue dries on top of the planks. There’s a good chance that glue ends up on the planks, so have a cleaning solution (specifically for cleaning engineered hardwood) handy to wipe off any glue.
  • As soon as the installation is complete, avoid foot traffic for 24 hours.

Engineered Hardwood Installation Allen TX is more difficult than it looks or sounds, so keep the information for professional flooring installation services handy. Sure, you’ll save a big by installing your flooring yourself, but it will take longer and you’ll be susceptible to errors, which can lead to other issues.

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