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Engineered Hardwood Floors Allen, Texas

If you don’t know yet, engineered hardwood has become extremely popular with Allen homeowners. Of course, actual hardwood remains quite popular; however, the functionality and appeal of engineered hardwood floors Allen homeowners haas lined up for installation. Read on to learn about engineered hardwood flooring and see how it can fit in your home:

What exactly is engineered hardwood flooring?

The composition of engineered hardwood is quite sturdy, as it’s composed of many different layers. The top layer is a polyurethane cover that’s meant to protect the second layer—a hardwood veneer. Customers who opt for engineered hardwood are able to choose the wood material of their choice for the second layer. There’s no limit on what type of flooring; you can purchase engineered hardwood with a cherry, walnut, maple, oak, or hickory layer…whichever type of wood you choose.

Below the hardwood veneer is the wear layer. The wear layer is normally quite thick (for flooring considerations), enabling it to protect the upper layers from scratching and moisture penetration.

There are numerous cross layers of plywood underneath the wear layer. There are between 3 and 12 layers, and they provide extensive support to the entire plank. In the end, it takes quite a large impact or large amounts of water to damage it.

Hardwood Floors Allen TX

What’s so special about engineered hardwood flooring?

The multi-layered composition of engineered hardwood floors Allen is what makes it different from every other type of flooring. There aren’t many flooring types that are water-resistant. Real hardwood and tile aren’t water-resistant. Both tile and real hardwood need to be sealed in order to be water-resistant, which is an added cost to you. As for carpeting, you might as well throw the whole carpet away if it experiences any significant water damage.

In all honesty, porcelain and ceramic tile are the only two flooring materials that can handle water better than engineered hardwood. Ceramics absorb water at a somewhat higher rate than porcelain, which absorbs water at a rate of less than 0.5%. Given that they don’t work well in comfier spaces of the house like living rooms, it is obvious that neither convey the warmth and attractiveness of engineered hardwood flooring.

Where can engineered hardwood fit in your home?

Since engineered hardwood flooring can withstand moisture, it can be installed in kitchens, laundry rooms and even basements. While the basement part doesn’t apply to Texas homeowners, it’s still helpful to know that it’s okay to install engineered hardwood in your basement.

Due to its elegant and cozy appearance, engineered hardwood is perfect for living rooms, as it creates the perfect living space.

Perhaps even better would be to lay an engineered hardwood floor in the kitchen. A kitchen is used quite often, so the flooring would get its deserved attention both day and night. Natural light will also help it throughout the day. Additionally, you’ll find that engineered hardwood flooring can easily fit in with the rest of your kitchen design. It’ll improve an outdated kitchen and will go nicely with a modern kitchen.

Engineered VS Real Hardwood

You probably understand the difference between engineered and real hardwood, but we’ll go over some main features just in case:

  • An engineered hardwood plank consist of many different layers, while hardwood planks are 100% hardwood from top to bottom.
  • Due to its composition, engineered hardwood can withstand moisture quite well. Exposing real hardwood planks to moisture could result in cupping or warping.
  • Engineered hardwood have the same look as real hardwood, so you’d be getting the same look, but the engineered hardwood will be more durable.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring is similar in price when compared to hardwood, but real hardwood is slightly more expensive. Engineered hardwood varies greatly in price, costing as low as $4 per square foot and as high as $13 per square foot. The price of real hardwood remains around $11-$15 per square foot (the cost includes both materials and installation).

Consider sanding and refinishing

One important thing to consider, though, is how many times a type of flooring can be refinished. One of the benefits of having hardwood floors Allen is its ability to be refinished countless time. This is possible because the planks are made completely of hardwood.

As your flooring ages, it will experience wear and tear. Denting and scratching are inevitable. Therefore, homeowners can refinish a hardwood floor, basically making it look brand-new.

Engineered hardwood floors Allen can’t be refinished countless times. In fact, they can only be refinished once or twice. Look for the engineered wood floor with the thickest wear layer when making a purchase. A 3 mm thick wear layer, for instance, may probably be sanded and refinished twice. Unfortunately, the thickest wear layer you will find is 3 mm.

It’s sort of a catch with engineered hardwood flooring. On one hand, it’s quite difficult to damage. On the other hand, it can’t be refinished too many times in the event that it does get damaged.

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Engineered Hardwood VS Laminate Flooring

Homeowners often opt for laminate if they can’t afford real hardwood floors Allen. Laminate is one option, but you’d basically be paying for a less appealing version of engineered hardwood flooring.

Laminate is also composed of multiple layers. They normally have a wear layer on top, then a design layer, followed by a series of support layers. Laminate can withstand moisture and prevent scratching, like engineered hardwood.

The difference is the design layer. While engineered hardwood flooring includes a layer of real hardwood, laminate flooring includes a high-resolution image of real hardwood. While the image is definitely impressive, but it obviously doesn’t compare to the real thing.

The point is that the beauty of your flooring will suffer if you opt for laminate hardwood. With engineered hardwood flooring, however, your flooring will look just as good as real hardwood.

Maintaining engineered hardwood floors Allen, Texas

When it comes to engineered hardwood flooring, it won’t take much to keep it well-maintained. This includes basic sweeping and vacuuming about once a week. Obviously, your cleaning habits might vary if you have pets or if your kids are constantly tracking in dirt from outside.

-When vacuuming your engineered wood flooring, make sure to use the proper setting for hardwood flooring. Most vacuums have two settings, one for soft surfaces and one for hard surfaces. Using the correct setting will avoid causing scratching to the wear layer.

-Mopping is another option. It could be problematic for hardwood flooring, but isn’t an issue for engineered hardwood flooring. Don’t pour water directly onto the floor, but dipping a mop into a bucket of water and mopping will effectively clean your flooring.

-It’s still a good idea to clean up any spills as soon as they occur. Engineered hardwood is water-resistant, but it isn’t waterproof. Long-term exposure to moisture can and will pose a threat to engineered hardwood flooring. Hopefully you’re already in the habit of cleaning spills as soon as they occur, but if you aren’t, make sure to start.

Basic cleaning is all that is needed for engineered hardwood floors in Allen. Simply be mindful of moisture absorption and scratching, but you won’t have to carry out any major cleaning tasks to avoid issues with your engineered hardwood flooring.

How long will engineered hardwood flooring last?

You can expect your engineered hardwood flooring to last at least 20 years, but it all depends on you. If you care for your engineered hardwood floor by maintaining its wear layer, then the flooring can basically last forever. Keeping the wear layer in good condition and maintaining its durability will keep your entire flooring long-lasting.

Maintenance is key, but the lifetime of engineered hardwood floors Allen will always go back to your purchase. Once again, the thickness of the wear layer is going to determine how long your floor will last and how many times your flooring can be refinished. The thicker the wear layer and the more times the engineered hardwood floor can be refinished, the longer it will end up lasting.

You’ll have to pay a bit more for a thicker wear layer, but the added cost will be well worth it in the long run. Budget restrictions are completely understandable, but if you have the money for engineered hardwood flooring, you should go for it!

Will an engineered hardwood floor add value to your home?


Any floor that lasts at least 20 years and a maximum of 100 years will lead to an increase in home value. Engineered hardwood offers the durability and looks that home buyers want.

Purchasing and installing an engineered hardwood floor will be worth it for your family in both the present and the future. The present is probably more important, but potential added value to your home is an added bonus.

If you ever have any questions about engineered hardwood floors Allen, give Nadine Floor Company a call. Our experts will be happy to provide you with any information you might need. Come visit us in-store and get a close-up look at engineered hardwood flooring for yourself. You can even take home samples to see how an engineered hardwood floor will look in your home and which room or rooms it will suit best.

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