Flooring Stores Near Me

Flooring Stores Near Me

In a given room, you have the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and various furniture and accessories throughout. The creation of a room starts with the floor. Once a room has a quality, attractive base, you can then decide on wall color, ceiling color and how you want to fill the space. Point being, finding the right floors for your home is absolutely crucial. The best flooring stores near me can help!

Look for one of the local flooring retailers that offers the following options:

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl

Strengths of Hardwood

Practically every Plano, TX homeowner will entertain the idea of installing hardwood flooring somewhere throughout their home. It’s just that nice of a material. Living rooms, dens, dining rooms, foyers, and hallways are all ideal spaces for hardwood flooring.

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Why do so many people fall in love with hardwood flooring?

First and foremost, the floor type is durable. A hardwood floor should maintain its form and its appeal for a good 20-25 years before needing to be replaced. It can withstand heavy impacts and it is difficult to scratch.

Scratching will occur over time, especially if you have one or more pets running around. The cool thing about hardwood is it can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Sanding and refinishing are possible because the planks are wood through-and-through. So, anytime you find yourself annoyed by some general wear and tear to your hardwood floor, have a pro come to your home from one of the nearby flooring stores near me to have your floor refinished. Once complete, it will look good as new!

Not to be overlooked is the appearance of hardwood. Its natural appeal makes for a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. And the natural grain and stain of hardwood gives off just a touch of an exotic look. Ultimately, hardwood will warm the heart and widen the eyes of anyone who looks at it.

Wood floors are versatile. You can purchase different plank thickness, shades, fades, and stains. You can also choose from many different types of woods, whether it be maple, oak, hickory, walnut, cherry or another type. Get yourself plenty of samples and weigh your thoughts as to which type would most beautifully exist in your home.

Know that whichever hardwood type you choose, it will have the other qualities we already touched on.


If there is one common complaint about hardwood flooring, it’s the fact that it can be damaged if exposed to moisture. Moisture has the maneuverability to seep between the seams and trickle down to the core of a hardwood plank. This undesirable occurrence can cause your hardwood floor to crown or cup.

Be sure to clean up any and all spills immediately. Do not steam clean and do not apply water directly to the floor if mopping. As long as you keep moisture away from hardwood, it should remain in outstanding shape.

Strengths of Carpet

Carpet certainly is not a pretentious floor type, but it still has a lot to offer. For example, it is soft. Why do you think carpet is so frequently installed in bedrooms? Because people don’t want their first steps of the day to be on a hard surface.

Plus, if you are one of those people who likes to navigate his/her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning any lights on, it would be far better to trip and fall onto carpet as opposed to hardwood or tile (hopefully you don’t fall, but you get the point).

What Plano, TX homeowners really see in carpet is affordability. You see, carpet is generally the least expensive of flooring materials. That statement applies to both the material and the installation. Installing carpet is far less particular, and quieter than installing hardwood or tile. Contact one of the flooring stores near me for professional installation in Plano, TX.


In this case, carpet’s vulnerabilities are moisture and plain-ness. Moisture can ruin a hardwood floor over time; however, it can ruin carpet immediately. Spilling a glass of water is no cause for panic. Your carpet will eventually dry up and return to normal. Though, big spills, or other spills, will be problematic.

If your home experiences a flood, you will need new carpet. If you accidentally spill a bucket of water on your carpeted staircase, you will need new carpet. It’s the potential for molding that is scary if the floor type is exposed to high volumes of water.

You will also want to be diligent in cleaning any carpet stains. Due to the floor’s thickness, stains can be a real pain to get out. That’s why you want to attack (blot) the stain right away. It’s also wise to have a special carpet cleaning solution at the ready.

Now, to the plain-ness vulnerability. Again, carpet is not meant to be showy. The floor type is not ugly, but you could also say it isn’t pretty. Therefore, don’t install it in high traffic rooms, such as your kitchen, living room or entry way. It’s best behind closed doors (bedrooms and closets).

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Strengths of Tile

One of tile’s strengths is, well, strength. Tile is basically indestructible. Sure, it will destruct any glass that falls onto it, but the tile itself is extremely difficult to damage. Because of its hardness and strength, tile will last for a very long time. In terms of durability, it probably ranks second to only natural stone flooring.

Unlike hardwood and carpet, tile stands up to moisture without any problem. Your two most common tile types are porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain has a water absorption rate of <0.5%, while ceramic has a water absorption rate of slightly >0.5%. Either selection, your tile floor will be protected against moisture.

Despite popular belief, tile is very versatile (no pun intended). It comes in all sorts of styles and designs at flooring stores near me. You’ll certainly be able to find a great tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else you think it would fit best.

It’s worth noting, porcelain actually has a through body design, meaning its color maintains through the tile. Thus, if a piece of porcelain tile chips, you and anyone else around will have a tough time noticing.


The primary vulnerability for tile is actually the stuff that lies between the tiles…the grout. Grout has the capability of lessening the appeal of your tile. Dirt shows quite easily within grout and water can only worsen a dirtied grout line.

It’s best to seal your tile grout in order to prevent molding and straight up unattractiveness. A seal should last for 2-3 years and it will save you the time of monotonously scrubbing your grout with a tooth brush until it is back to being clean. Contact one of the local flooring stores near me for advise on grout sealants.

Strengths of Stone

If you really want your home to make a statement, consider installing natural stone tiles. These could be of granite, slate, marble, travertine or limestone material. Each material has its own qualities that make it better or worse than its siblings, but all materials share the qualities of extreme durability and beauty.

A stone floor should last for 30+ years. Heck, it may very well outstay your ownership of the home. Being born from nature, stone materials can withstand practically everything that comes its way. You can full well expect it to last through your daily home use.

Furthermore, your options are basically infinite for natural stone flooring. We already mentioned five types of stone; though, within those types are tons of different designs. You can opt for more of a rugged style like you will often see in limestone, or you can opt for a smooth type like you will see in slate or marble.

Plenty of exquisite selections will be on the table when visiting flooring stores near me. With natural stone flooring, your home will go from average to elegant.


You guessed it…moisture can be harmful to stone flooring. Just remember to seal it up with a sealer after installation. The sealer should last two to three years before needing to be renewed, similar to tile grout. Natural stone flooring has a lot of attractiveness, so you want to take every precaution to keep it looking great.

However, stone flooring is typically fairly expensive, so this isn’t necessarily a weakness. Essentially, there is a price to pay for a beautiful floor that lasts for a long time. The most expensive materials are going to be slate and marble, then granite, travertine, and limestone.

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Strengths of Vinyl

In that a plank of Vinyl flooring from the nearby flooring retailers is made up of several different layers, this makes it special. It has a base layer, a fiberglass layer, a decorative layer, a wear layer, and a coating layer. These are the fundamental layers, though other kinds may be added (depending on the manufacturer).

What unifies vinyl plank flooring is the ornamental layer. You see, it contains a high-resolution image of an actual flooring material rather than a board loaded with genuine flooring. As a result, you can choose to have a vinyl floor that looks like granite, porcelain, or wood.

The design may seem cheesy, but it’s not. Flooring technology has become so advanced that a vinyl plank floor can very frequently be mistaken for the real thing. That’s the goal, really.

Because the real material is not used anywhere in the composition, vinyl is quite inexpensive. It is less expensive than tile, stone, and hardwood. Vinyl’s durability is legitimate too. The fiberglass layer and base layer protect moisture from reaching the core. Also, the wear layer protects against scratching and denting.


Unlike actual hardwood, vinyl cannot be sanded and refinished, at least not more than a time or two. Reason being, the veneer (wear) layer is too thin. This does affect durability. While vinyl does protect against wear and moisture, it does not have the luxury of a refinish like hardwood does.

And of course, it’s not the real thing. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be confused as real hardwood, stone or tile, but it is not. The floor type still looks nice, but if you are a homeowner that has to have the best of the best, you likely won’t be satisfied with a vinyl floor, at least not for long.

Nadine Floor Company

If you are interested in any type of floor we just mentioned, visit Nadine Floor Company! The best of the flooring stores near me can be found in West Plano, East Plano and Frisco. We understand that imitations are the last thing you want when searching for a brand-new floor. Nadine will provide you with all sorts of options for each floor type and we’ll also provide samples for you to take home to analyze the appearance. And once you select a floor, we will install it for you!

Call us today 469-666-4530 to learn more about the extent of our services. Also, check out our blog for all sorts of helpful tips in finding your next floor.

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