Hardwood Flooring Allen TX

Hardwood Flooring

Nothing says “welcome home” better than hardwood flooring. It provides an unmatched sense of warmth. Additionally, it increases the value of your property, because hardwood flooring is considered one of the most elegant types of flooring for a home. Read on to learn more about hardwood flooring in Allen:


Hardwood flooring in Allen is made of planks cut from a single piece of timber. It also has a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and finished.

Because it’s cut from an actual tree, hardwood flooring has certain limitations in terms of how large a plank can be. The recommended maximum widths and lengths of hardwood usually range between five inches wide and seven feet long.

Hardwood Flooring Allen TX


Since it’s made of timber and cut from an actual tree, hardwood flooring can be significantly more expensive than some other flooring materials, especially if the wood you choose is rare. Among the more common types of wood that are used for flooring are red oak, white oak, maple, and many others. Red oak is considered one of the most sought-after species of wood used for flooring.


What is the most durable flooring material? This might be one of the most difficult questions for homeowners to answer. Believe it or not, real hardwood flooring is among the top 10.

But, since it’s made of real wood, hardwood is more prone to scratching and moisture-related damage. But it provides a home with an elegant look and increase its resale value. Also, it can be restored to its original condition by sanding and refinishing.

Installation and Finishing

There are many different installation systems and methods for hardwood flooring. These include the tongue-and-groove system, woodlock or ‘click’ systems, and floor connection system – which can be installed by either the glue-down method, nail-down method, or the floating installation process.

The tongue-and-groove system is characterized by a groove on one side and end of the plank, and a tongue or a protruding wood along one edge center at the other side and end. The tongue and groove should fit snugly together to avoid movement in the adjoining planks. This kind of system can be installed through glue-down, floating, or nail-down methods.

The woodlock or ‘click’ system is similar to the tongue-and-groove system, but entails tapping on the groove to make the curved or barbed tongue fit into it. Since it’s the easiest installation method, it’s highly recommended for people who enjoy DIY projects.

After installation, hardwood flooring needs to be finished, polished, and sanded to achieve its perfect look. The most common finishes used for wood are oil-modified urethane and water-based polyurethane. Polishing, on the other hand, should be done every three to five years to maintain the flooring’s pristine condition. Additionally, sanding can provide a smooth finish onto the flooring and can be done whenever maintenance is needed.

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