Do hardwood floors increase a home’s value?

There are two main reasons to install hardwood flooring into your home: current value and future value. Current value pertains to personal comfort and appeal, while future value pertains to home resale value if/when you sell your home. The two go hand in hand. Does installing hardwood flooring increase your home’s future value?

Let’s thinkhardwood floors increase home value

Hardwood flooring is considered a popular flooring type. Why? It’s luxurious, long-lasting, and relatively easy to maintain. Which home buyer wouldn’t want flooring with those qualities? A major selling point for potential buyers is work that won’t have to be done. Every buyer is going to have preferences and will want to make certain adjustments to meet those preferences. But a home that already has some of those adjustments made will have home buyers flocking to your home.

Pretty much all home buyers find hardwood flooring appealing. How many modern homes have you visited that don’t have hardwood flooring somewhere? Probably not many, if any at all. Even if hardwood is not a buyer’s preferred floor choice, he/she will probably end up keeping it because of its natural appeal and he/she will want to avoid the hassle of paying for and having new flooring installed.

Hardwood flooring will definitely increase your home’s resale value. The exact amount isn’t clear, as that depends on rest of your home’s features and the market value. But unless you’re replacing marble flooring with hardwood (which is highly uncommon), hardwood floors should outdo just about any flooring type with regards to increasing home value.

In comparison

Other common types of flooring include carpet, tile and hardwood imitators. However, none of these will increase a home’s resale value. Some might have no affect whatsoever, but none will actually increase it. In fact, carpeting or laminate flooring could even decrease your home’s resale value. New homeowners are expected to have carpet cleaned upon move-in, but some carpet is in such bad shape that it can never truly be cleaned.

Hardwood flooring also offers flexibility, unlike most other flooring types. Hardwood floors can be refinished multiple times before needing replacement. If you’re able to properly maintain your hardwood by keeping it moisture-free and preventing scratches, your hardwood flooring could last over one hundred years. The point is that buyers will be aware hardwood flooring’s sustainability. They’ll know that a scratched hardwood floor does not render hardwood flooring useless. Furthermore, they’ll know how valuable the floor will be in terms of durability and lifetime.

To summarize

Hardwood flooring offers:

  • An improved look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Refinishing
  • Durability
  • Long life

Ultimately, hardwood floors are a foolproof flooring type for a buyer be drawn to. There’s so much to like about hardwood flooring that potential buyers will overlook a higher asking price. You will get more for your home thanks to hardwood flooring.

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