Backsplash Tile Ideas

Backsplash Tile Ideas

A backsplash is perfect for brightening a dull kitchen. It’s also the perfect finishing touch to a vibrant kitchen! Today’s modern homes almost always have backsplashes in place. Why should your kitchen miss out on the fun? We’ll get your design juices flowing by offering up several backsplash tile ideas.

Subway Tiles

Subway tile is made of glass and is white in color. Its popularity can be devoted to the lasting shine each tile gives off. Subway tiles add sophistication to a cooking space. They can be installed as part of practically any kitchen design.

The tile will pop whether it’s surrounded by dark tones or white. Actually, one of the most appealing creations is an all white kitchen — white cabinets, white countertops, and white subway tile. It will pair wonderfully with any natural light that enters the area during the day.

White with Dark Grout

Take the same tile style but replace the white grout with black. Black grout as the perimeter will embolden the subway tile even more. It will create a mesmerizing look that will immediately grab a visitor’s attention. Also, subway tile with black grout will match any black cabinetry or furnishings you have throughout the kitchen.

Penny Backsplash

Speaking of unique, you should give the penny design strong consideration as one of the backsplash tile ideas. We’re not talking actual pennies (well, you could use actual pennies, however, the pennies used will probably add up to some $100 in value), but little circles that equal the size of an actual penny.

“Pennies” can be any range of color. You can choose the brass color if the rest of your kitchen goes well with it. Beige walls, wood floors and yellow lighting, for example. There are also light gray/dark gray options that will fit nicely in all sorts of kitchen makeups.

Backsplash Tile Ideas


Mosaic tile is the most artistic of backsplash tile ideas. Unlike many of these backsplash styles that are meant to blend, mosaic is meant to show! The style can be the true focal point of your kitchen.

Creativity is maximized! There are all sorts of designs available that consist of different patterns, tile sizes and tile colors. Mosaics offer flexibility. You can install one that is over the top showy or one that is modest.

Glossy Black

White, gray and black are the colors taking over most kitchens these days. Homeowners have fallen in love with the contemporary style made up by the three colors. If your kitchen has white cabinets and gray quartz countertops, a glossy black backsplash will be perfect.

It will add definition to the kitchen, and it will offset the brightness. Yes, there is such thing as a kitchen being too bright.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood will give your kitchen a cabin-esque feel. Various wood planks will be placed and staggered like a floor, only in this case they’ll be installed as a backsplash. Your kitchen will be unique, serene and eye-catching.

The design is perfect for a kitchen with additional wooden accents. Just be sure your backsplash matches (or comes close to matching) the wood stain of the accents.

Herringbone Design

Herringbone is a pattern not a type of tile. The pattern is unique, as it consists of slanted tiles that create a triangle-type arch.

The herringbone style can be brought to life by any collection of rectangular tiles. It’s commonly incorporated in subway tile installations, and many others. Your kitchen will benefit from the added character.


Like herringbone, harlequin is a design pattern. Instead of slanted tiles, however, the harlequin consists of diamond-shaped tiles. It’s a very advanced look, especially if you choose vibrant tile colors, such as yellow. The diamonds can even be etched to create a more powerful look than a straight edge.

Classic Marble

Marble = Luxury. If you can afford it, a classic marble tile backsplash will upgrade your kitchen tenfold by itself. Backsplashes take up less space than floors and countertops; therefore, spending a bit more on the highest quality natural stone for a smaller area can make sense.

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