Nadine Floor Company

Nadine Floor Company offers the best hardwood flooring in Dallas. We devise and create flooring options for commercial, home, hospitality and retail spaces. Our aim is to offer superior flooring products and services for all customers, every time. We accomplish our high standards by operating in the safest, efficient and highly professional manner. At Nadine Floor Company, hardwood flooring in Dallas, we guarantee that you get a natural and eco-friendly floor covering. Our hardwood flooring solutions are warm and inviting to create the best ambiance for the living room environment. Our hardwood flooring solutions require minimal maintenance and provide a healthy environment that minimizes dust allergies. At Nadine Floor Company, we provide hardwood flooring solutions that are long lasting, to increase the resale value of your home. Our flooring solutions enhance the appearance, versatility, style and decor of your home.We Offer Finished and Unfinished Wood Flooring SolutionsHardwood Flooring DallasAt Nadine Floor Company, hardwood flooring in Dallas, we understand that all wood flooring requires a finish that offers protection against everyday wear. Our unfinished wood flooring is unlike any other, we sand the floor and apply the finish on-site. There are some wood finishing options in the market, but we offer the best services that match your existing floor and color needs.Our factory finished wood flooring solutions are applied at the point of manufacture. These types of floors require the least time to install because the finishing and sanding processes have been taken care of; as soon as we install our factory finished wood floor, they are ready to be walked on. At Nadine Floor Company, we also install solid and engineered wood floors. We install solid wood floors on or above the grade. Since a solid wood floor should be refinished and sanded several times during its lifespan, we provide the best services to ensure that the floor lasts for a long time.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Finally, we also offer engineered hardwood floors that are made from wood veneers that can be the same or from different species. We make sure that the grain of each veneer runs in different directions to increase the stability of the wood. This ensures that the floor will resist contracting and expanding during temperature and humidity fluctuations. At Nadine Floor Company, hardwood flooring in Dallas, we offer customization options that are fitting for all types of clients. Our skills, coupled with the client’s inspiration means that the possibilities are endless.

Our services are not restricted to hardwood flooring, we offer different types of flooring including; carpet, tile, stone flooring and laminate flooring, and we also do bathroom tiles, and kitchen flooring.