A lasting upgrade for a home involves the addition of granite countertops. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or bar area, granite’s appeal will immediately transform any room. Thus, if you’re looking for home improvement, granite countertops are an outstanding option.

Where can I purchase granite countertops?

Nadine Floor Company offers a wide selection of granite countertops Plano, TX. Locations in West Plano, East Plano and Frisco, TX allow extensive access to all sorts of granite designs. Keep in mind, the natural stone is normally sold by the slab. Therefore, it is best to have an estimate completed, or at least the specific measurements ready in order to determine the exact amount of granite needed.

You’ll be amazed by the many different granite designs. Each slab of granite is different from all others. Literally, no two pieces of granite are the same. The addition of granite countertops to your home will truly give your home a unique feature. You’ll find granite in all sorts of hues, most notably, black, grey and tan. Granite will bring about the fun challenge of matching its surroundings. That’s how powerful the look of granite is: it will single-handedly modernize a home, allowing the homeowner to formulate a design for the rest of the room, with granite being the focal point.

How do I go about installing granite countertops?

As luck would have it, Nadine Floor Company offers installation as well. In efficient time, granite countertops Plano, TX will be installed. Purchase the granite, set a date for an estimate and then set a date for installation. It’s a simple, routine process for the experts at Nadine. You can also take advantage of our current offer: granite for $34.99 per square foot if we install it for you!

Installing granite is not an easy do-it-yourself project. Granite is heavy and it requires specific cutting and shaping. If you want the job done right, the professional route is highly recommended. If you are weighing towards DIY, make sure you consider all of the variables in play. For instance, fitting granite around your sink and faucets, forming its edges, or sealing it. There are all sorts of challenges presented by granite countertops. Prevent delays and possible additional costs by hiring a professional to take care of the installation.

Additional perks of granite countertops Plano, TX:Granite Designs

  • Extreme durability
  • One of the hardest natural stones
  • Easy to clean
  • Moisture-resistant, if sealed
  • Difficult to scratch
  • Heat-resistant

The above proves the reliability of granite. There is a reason it is among the most popular countertop materials. Not only does it look incredible but it should ultimately last for the lifetime of a home. Plus, there is no sign of granite going out of style anytime soon. Granite countertops are not a trend. Rather, they are reliable, long-lasting solutions for the modernization of your home.

Don’t put off modernizing your home. Contact Nadine Floor Company today to find the granite that is right for your home and to get the granite installation process started. Please visit our blog for additional helpful information.