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While travertine tile has its similarities to its counterpart, marble; the two are as different as they are similar. Travertine is a natural stone formed when groundwater deposits minerals along the banks of streams and rivers, natural underground springs or limestone caves. This natural limestone gets cut into tiles and used for flooring and wall tiles, as well as countertops and backsplashes. The best travertine tile store in Allen, Nadine Floor Company, has been providing quality travertine tiling for many years.

Four Different Finishes for Four Different Types of Travertine:

  • Polished– Polished travertine tends to show off the most vivid colors, as it’s polished to a highly glossy, reflective surface. Travertine’s glossy, polished look holds for quite a while before needing to be re-polished. It’s also quite stain resistant.
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  • Honed– Perhaps the most popular travertine finish by far is honed. This type of finish features a polished surface that’s not completely glossy and gives the surface a more matte, non-slip appearance that’s most similar to travertine in its natural state.
  • Brushed– The softened colors present in brushed travertine feature the least reflective surface. The surface of brushed travertine is treated with wire brushes that are used to abrade the surface. The finished product exhibits a bold texture. Brushed travertines require a heavy sealant to guard against staining and moisture absorption.
  • Tumbled– Similar to brushed travertine, tumbled travertine looks more weathered. Tumbled travertine’s rounded edges give it more character and more distinctive characteristics than brushed travertine. This type of travertine also requires a heavy sealant to help guard against moisture absorption and staining.


The main advantage to a travertine floor is that it’s easy to match tiles in the event that you have to replace a few tiles in the future. Other tiles with more vibrant colors tend to vary quite a bit, but this isn’t really a problem with travertine tiles.

Another advantage would be travertine’s softness, which makes makes it easier to cut and shape. It’s also more environmentally-friendly than some other flooring materials, as it’s used in its natural state; meaning that any leftover material is simply stone that you can use as drainage for your potted plants, or simply scatter about your garden, giving it more character.


Maintaining the beauty of your travertine tiles is a straightforward process that, when done right, keeps them looking stunning for years to come. As with any material, some maintenance is required in order to keep it in good condition. The experts at Nadine Floor Company are ready to help you choose the right sealant and cleaning solutions for your new travertine flooring tiles.

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