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Benefits of Stone Flooring Allen TX

Considering replacing the flooring in your residence? If so, you’ll find that there are many different flooring options available to you, including natural stone flooring. Stone flooring has become a popular option for both indoor and outdoor flooring in Allen, TX. There are many benefits of having stone flooring installed in your Allen home, which is why it’s becoming so popular. Durability, ease of maintenance and beauty are just some reasons why it’s such a nice flooring material!

Stone flooring is a natural material, and that means that it can withstand heavy foot traffic. The durability of stone flooring Allen TX allows homeowners to go about their lives without having to worry about damaging the floor with everyday activities.

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Natural stone doesn’t collect dust or allergens, making the surface easy to clean. The air quality of your home will be a bit better with stone flooring compared to air quality with carpeting. While carpeting captures and holds such allergens, stone flooring doesn’t!

With many different types of stone flooring options to choose from, you’ll find that each stone flooring material offers a different look and feel. Each stone is unique, which means that every floor will be unique. You can easily achieve a unique look for your flooring with natural stone flooring.

Types of Natural Stone Flooring

Once you decide to have stone flooring installed, you’ll need to do some research. Learn as much as possible about the different types and their characteristics so you can see which types would work best in your home. Granite is a popular option since it comes in so many different colors and textures. It’s quite durable as well, so it’s perfect for the kitchen.

Marble is another top choice, one that is considered quite luxurious. Often used in the entryway of a home, marble will make your home feel much more elegant. A drawback to this flooring type is that the stone is porous, so it will be vulnerable to staining caused by spills if not sealed.

Limestone is another natural stone choice that can be used for flooring in the home. Since limestone has an earthy appearance, the neutral tones make for a beautiful look with a durable surface. Limestone is harder than some other flooring types and can withstand everyday wear and tear, especially for households with pets and children.

Travertine flooring can be installed in any area of the home, offering a natural stone look with a matte finish. The rustic look of travertine is great when you want the look and feel of marble but don’t want a porous surface.

Stone Flooring will work anywhere in your Allen home. You can start in the entryway and install stone flooring throughout the family room and dining areas. Sweep away dirt easily and mop on a regular basis to keep flooring in good shape. Be sure that the stone flooring is sealed properly and continue to seal as needed to guard your flooring investment.

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No matter which type of flooring you choose either hardwood or stone flooring Allen TX, trust Nadine Floor Company to provide you with the best materials and quality installation. Our experts are here to answer all your flooring questions and turn your dreams into reality when it comes to flooring.

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