Have you, like most homeowners, have been waiting to see what’s in trend for 2021? If yes, then you are in the right place. Our team at Nadine Floor Company is pumped to look at all the significant color palette trends coming out!

2021 color trends focus on numerous shades that will make you feel good, be it a fresh green and pink pairing, a soft, approachable blue, or a mix of various earthly hues. If you are looking for a brand-new color to update your current setting or if you need an entire color palette to revamp, then this blog is sure to have the right hue for you.



Calm and comforting color trend for home

All color trends in 2021 continue to focus on creating spaces that are havens of soothing colors in this ever-changing world. The trend includes neutral colors with a warm tone.

You can pair these warm colors with earth-toned colors like soft, clay-infused pinks and olive green. These colors are known to turn a house into an oasis and add a sense of calm.

Professionals believe that the popularity of earth tones will continue to rise in 2021, but this doesn’t have to be brown. You can try working with reds and yellows that lean a little towards the organic.


Shades that inspire trust

If you are looking for options to make your home feel calmer, you can choose to go for colors such as blues, associated with a sense of reliability.

Many home remodels experts have noted ocean hues as an important trend for 2021, and a few design and paint authorities have also named blue as the color of the year. There are a lot of different ways you can incorporate blues into your design. You can choose to go for a blue-green setting which is said to promote calm and relaxation.


2021 Color Trends for Your Home - Nadine Floor Company

Color Trend – Nadine Floor Company


Bright hues are always welcome.

A new year is ideally the time for you to break all your old habits and relaunch yourself with a brand-new sense of optimism. The year 2021 is also shaping up to become a classic example of this, especially when we talk about color.

Many famous designers, including designers from Nadine Floor Company, believe that punchy, bright colors and jewel tones are going to be perfect for your home’s interior in 2021.

We have noticed similar trends running across the industry, emphasizing rich turquoise, yellows, magenta, jewel-toned greens, orange, and other bold hues, balanced perfectly with grounding black and warm neutral shades.

If you feel like saturated bright colors are not your vibe, you can also go with the pastel version of the bright-color trend since pastels too are going to have their moment in 2021.


2021 Color Trends for Your Home - Nadine Floor Company

Color Trend – Nadine Floor Company


Focus on well-being

All the colors you surround yourself with within your house can affect the way you feel and your overall mood drastically. 2021’s color trends can be seen focusing on your individual well-being.

Here at Nadine Floor Company, we have noticed a continued interest in greens amongst homeowners. These green hues can range from sage to olive to blueish shades.

Whether paired with a more neutral color or a contrasting color shade, green is a fantastic color to work with when renovating your home.

Not only is green perfect for your entire set-up, but it can also serve as a grounding backdrop shade for plenty of other colors.

Green is known as “nature’s neutral” thanks to its versatility and deep connection to the natural world. If you are planning on making your home a more refreshing and calmer place, then the addition of a bit of green to your set-up might be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Is gray still a thing in 2021?

The color grey has been in the trend for many years now, but a few color palette predictions and experts believe that grey might see a drop in 2021. The general trend across the industry seems to be leaning a lot toward brighter or warmer shades rather than cooler, more sterile tones.

Instead of using gray, you can try using softer, brown, and cream-infused neutrals in your space. The reason behind this trend is that you should always select colors that make you feel happy and lift your mood. If gray gives you a sense of well-being and comes into your house, you should, by all means, keep using it.


Designer take away

Using the right colors can help you elevate any space, turning a kitchen into the home’s warm heart, a bedroom into a soothing gateway, or an office into a calm sanctuary of creativity. Get inspired by these 2021 wide-ranging color schemes and plan your next home and d├ęcor update today.

To read more about how you can improve your home and its aesthetics, you can check out our other blogs here. Can’t figure out what’s best for you? Let us help you out.


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2021 Color Trends for Your Home - Nadine Floor Company

Color Trend – Nadine Floor Company

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