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There’s a brand popular type of flooring in Allen – WPC! What does WPC stand for? Wooden Plastic Composite. What makes it so special? The fact that it’s 100% waterproof. Allow Nadine Floor Company to talk to you about all things WPC!

What does WPC stand for?

WPC is similar to the popular Luxurious Vinyl Tile or Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. How so? Luxury Vinyl Plank was the closest thing to a water-proof wood-type flooring on the market until WPC came into the picture. Just like Luxury Vinyl Plank and laminate wood flooring, WPC consists of multiple layers.

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WPC layers include:

Wear layer- urethane coating that guards against common wear and tear.

Print layer- high-definition image that’s meant to imitate real wood or stone.

Core layer- 100% waterproof. This layer won’t be affected no matter how much water it’s exposed to.

Backing layer- Gives added support. This layer is thick; subsequently, it won’t get damaged upon impact.

Benefits of WPC


We’re simply going to maintain on mentioning the truth that WPC flooring Allen TX is 100% waterproof. Being waterproof means the ground sort will be universally used. It may be put in anyplace! Kitchens, bogs, laundry rooms, basements…you title it. Liquid won’t destroy and even tamper with WPC flooring.

Bold Look

Is it real wood? No. Is it real tile? No. But technology these days is so advanced that you’d have a hard time telling the difference between WPC and solid hardwood. It might take a close-up look, so your guests probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that it isn’t real hardwood. Honestly, there’s a reason why so many Allen homeowners are installing lookalike flooring like laminate, Luxury Vinyl Plank and WPC because they provide their own unique qualities.

In the case of WPC, it’s the 100% waterproof quality.

No.1 Affordable WPC Flooring Allen TX - Nadine Floor Company

Easy to Maintain

WPC is a really useful flooring. The wear layer guards against scratching, the core layer guards against moisture and the backing layer guards against impact. These three layers combined make WPC quite simple to maintain. The routine use of a vacuum, mop, broom or steamer will get the job done. Cleaning as often as once or twice a week should be enough. However, you might want to clean more often if you have pets around.

Soft Contact

Another benefit of WPC flooring is its quietness. The backing layer is quite light. It goes unaffected as the ground experiences ongoing foot visitors. You won’t hear any squeaking and other noises remain at a minimal. In addition, standing on WPC flooring for an extended amount of time won’t result in any muscle discomfort.

Subfloor Installation

Typically speaking, the thickness of WPC flooring Allen TX avoid any damage to the subfloor. WPC can be placed over virtually any type of subfloor, whether it’s wooden, tile, or concrete. Certain types of flooring can can only be laid over a certain type of subfloor. In reality, some types of flooring can only be laid over the ground that’s from when the home was actually being built. These restrictions are usually not something you have to worry about when it comes to WPC.


As of right now, WPC is quite expensive. It’s the next big thing and everyone knows what sort of client demand new entries to the market result in. As increasingly more folks become aware of WPC flooring, the price will eventually go down. If you want to wait until demand goes down, that’s understandable. If you want to have the latest flooring material installed, that’s also understandable

Whenever you decide to buy and install WPC flooring, give Nadine Floor Company a call! Our experts can help with both!

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