Everyone needs a trusted flooring company. There are many out there, but do they have enough flooring types to offer and can they execute a flawless installation? Nadine Flooring Company can. Flooring is a business of service and quality. Nadine is all about exceeding customer expectations in both. Here are a few of the many reasons you should turn to Nadine Floor Company for your flooring needs:

Plenty of flooring types in stock

Nadine offers stone, tile, carpet and wood flooring. We have legitimate hardwood, as well as vinyl and laminate wood flooring. Our tile options are ceramic and porcelain, and we have various different types of carpet at your disposal. Lastly, our natural stone flooring selection includes marble, travertine, slate and granite.

Point being, we have just about flooring type you can think of. Hardwood floors provide your home with easy comfort, carpet is a safe and reliable option, tiling can withstand everything it comes in contact with, and natural stone offers extreme durability and can give your home a look of elegance.

Customer ServiceNadine Floor Company Home Remodel

Searching for flooring in Plano, TX is a selective and often overwhelming process. Therefore, professionals at Nadine Flooring Company do their absolute best to walk each customer through the process, step by step. They also provide input on design options for flooring types and collaborate with each customer to find the perfect floor for his/her home. Our staff is excited about the business we’re in, excited about our flooring types, and excited about servicing those who come to us for help. Check out a few of our customer testimonials.

Free Estimates

The initial step to executing a flooring installation in Plano, TX is completing a flooring estimate. Guess what? You don’t have to pay for the estimate. That’s right, Nadine Flooring Company offers a free estimate in determining the dimensions, materials and costs for installation. Some floor types are on the cheaper end, while others on more so on the expensive end. Either way, we understand each customer is already paying for the flooring product and installation (more often than not). Thus, we don’t want to make you pay for an estimate on top of everything else.


Many companies seem to be regressing in customer discounts and store specials. That is not the case at Nadine Floors. We have ongoing specials for customers to take advantage of. For example, we’re currently offering 20% off on all flooring materials in stock. We like to give people options, rather than confine them to the same products and prices every single day.

But wait, there’s more…

Flooring is not all the Nadine Floor Company offers. We also have granite countertops and various backsplashes available to help improve the look of your home. We take care of installation for those options as well. As you can tell, we have just about every home improvement task covered. You walk into the doors of one of our three locations and you’ll have access to all sorts of great looks and top quality products.

Visit or contact Nadine Floor Company today. We promise we will prove all that was just mentioned. Also, you can visit our company blog page for additional helpful information—all things related to improving the look of your home.