Are you planning on revamping your staircase? Thinking about how you wish to decorate your staircase and set the perfect tone for your home is money and time well spent. You can also improve the overall safety of your home depending on the best type of flooring you select for this high-traffic area.



Best Type of Flooring for Stairs | Nadine Floors Company

Best Type of Flooring for Stairs – Nadine Floors Company


Things you need to consider

Before you start a renovation project for your stairs, you, as a homeowner, need to ask yourself several questions. The first question is: what kind of flooring material should you use? Selecting the ideal flooring solution for your stairs will depend on several factors. Below, you will find a few essential points that all homeowners need to consider to help you find out what material is the best type of flooring for you!



You can find several flooring options that can range anywhere from $2 to $12 per square foot (based on the type of flooring you are looking for). It would be best to know the total square footage and budget before deciding on the flooring material.


Always keep in mind that stairs are often located near a living room. If this is the case for you, you will benefit from softer flooring materials that help you muffle noise so you don’t always hear people walking up and down the stairs.

Maintenance and upkeep

Consider how much money and time you are willing to spend maintaining your staircase. Several flooring materials like hardwood make for beautiful stairs but tend to be treated regularly than other flooring options like laminate.


As a homeowner, safety should be your top priority. You need to look for flooring solutions that are not very slippery if you wish to avoid unwanted accidents. Suppose you have kids or anyone who has limited mobility living in your home. In that case, you need to consider flooring materials that offer you extra grip and protection, such as carpet flooring.

Look and feel

This part is entirely up to your style and taste; however, a modern home will generally ask for a different stair flooring than a rustic, cozy home. Remember the look you want to achieve with your stairways before finalizing the perfect flooring option for you.

Overall traffic

Think hard about how much foot traffic your stairways go through every day. Do you have a staircase in a high-traffic area? Stairs leading down to your home’s basement might not require a durable surface like a staircase located in front of your main entrance or one that leads up to the bedrooms.



Best Type of Flooring for Stairs | Nadine Floors Company

Best Type of Flooring for Stairs – Nadine Floors Company


Best type of flooring options for stairs

Now that you have considered noise constraints, budget, preferred maintenance, safety, traffic levels, and the overall look and feel you’d like to achieve, let us look at the top popular flooring options for stairs.


Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is unsurpassed when we talk about elegance and beauty—regarded as one of the most upscale and desirable types of staircase flooring, hardwood flooring for stairs can help you create a significant impact on the look and feel of your stairs and home. A high-quality hardwood flooring on your stairs can last as long as your home and is easy to clean. The only drawback of hardwood flooring is that it can get slippery when wet. However, you can take several precautions like no-slip treads to keep the surface from being a slipping hazard.

If you are a homeowner who likes natural wood, then hardwood flooring might be the best type of flooring for you. With choices like beech, oak, or walkabout, you can create a beautiful look that fits perfectly with your home and furniture.

Carpet flooring

Out of all the options we have on our list, carpet is the safest flooring for stairs. Using carpet as your flooring option for stairs can do a lot for your home. Short and dense fibers tend to be much more durable, stand heavy foot traffic, and remain soft and comfortable to touch. Carpet is also not as slippery as other flooring materials, making it an ideal choice for homes that have young kids or older adults. At Nadine Flooring Company, you can find high-quality carpet flooring in any color or pattern you want.

Vinyl plank

Vinyl plank is a highly budget-friendly and versatile flooring option for stairs. Professional vinyl flooring manufacturers can provide you with vinyl flooring that resembles almost anything you want, from metal to stone tile. Our team from Nadine Flooring Company can help you find high-quality vinyl planks that make it nearly impossible to tell apart from genuine hardwood. Luxury vinyl planks are also very straightforward to keep clean, thanks to their stain-resistant and waterproof material.

Carpet Flooring

If you do not want to exceed your budget by carpeting the entire staircase, you should consider installing carpet runners instead. A carpet runner will add traction while allowing you to enhance the overall beauty of your staircase on a budget. You can colour-coordinate carpet runners with the flooring underneath it or even the entire house. You can find a wide variety of carpet runners, from a natural look to intricate designs and from solid colours to stripes.


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Best Type of Flooring for Stairs | Nadine Floors Company

Best Type of Flooring for Stairs – Nadine Floors Company

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