Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in McKinney, TX

A bathroom is what you make it. It can be used with little care for appearance, or it can be a place to showoff the luxury of your McKinney, TX home. The fact of the matter is a lot of time is spent in a bathroom, whether it be when you are getting ready for work in the morning or for bed at night. If you want to appreciate your bathroom and have visitors appreciate it as well, invest in the work of a bathroom remodeling contractor.

A bathroom is defined in a handful of ways; however, most prominently by floor and countertop appeal. These are the elements that a homeowner can get creative with. They are also the design elements that will stand out the most.

Is your bathroom floor fresh and inviting or old and off-putting?Upgrade your home through a bathroom remodeling contractor

Let’s consider flooring first…

The ideal flooring for a bathroom is either tile or natural stone. Both can handle moisture, both are easy to maintain and both should maintain quality for an extended period of time. Tile, whether porcelain or ceramic, offers more design flexibility than most homeowners think. Tile can be purchases in many different shades of colors and in many different types of design patterns. Specifically, porcelain tile has a through-body feature in which the chosen color maintains throughout the entire tile even when chipped or cracked.

Natural stone flooring is more expensive, though, if you have the budget then it is absolutely worth the investment. Granite, marble, travertine and slate are popular natural stone choices. Each offers a mesmerizing, infinite look. Granite is popular among high quality bathrooms, as is travertine. Slate is practically indestructible and marble provides about as advanced of a look as you could envision.

Because natural stone flooring is so powerful, it is important that the rest of your bathroom matches its powerful look. But don’t worry, a bathroom remodeling contractor can help you out in that respect.

Does your countertop scream “look at me!” or “look away, I’m hideous ☹?”

Enough with the linoleum countertops, it’s time to upgrade! Granite is the ideal option for your bathroom countertop/vanity. The natural stone is incredibly diverse. In fact, no two slabs of granite are the same. You’ll find it in different shades of gray, along with black and white. Granite will instantly upgrade and add value to your bathroom; plus, it’s look will likely outlast your home.

It’s a heat resistant material, meaning straighteners and curling irons will not cause any damage if they come in contact with it. Granite is porous, so it is susceptible to moisture. However, placing a sealant over granite will prevent moisture from causing any problems. A sealant is rather inexpensive and should last 2-3 years before needing replacement. Bathroom remodeling contractors in McKinney, TX can give your granite a professional seal.

All it takes is a commitment to one or two changes to turn your bathroom from average to well above average. The changes may be significant, but you’ll be glad you opted in for them. An appealing bathroom can go a long way and it would definitely be something for you to be proud of.

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