Tile Flooring Store Allen TX

Tile Flooring Store Allen TX

From ceramic tile to marble tile, Nadine Floor Company, the best tile flooring store Allen TX, has the largest selection with the best prices available when it comes to all your tile flooring needs.

Ceramic Tiles

You can find the best tiles here at Nadine Floor Company! Ceramic tile has been around for many centuries, and still remains a popular tile option to this day. Ceramic is a natural material composed of natural materials like sand and clay, blended and baked in a kiln to create a durable and long-lasting material.

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A Choice Of Finishes

ou’ll find that ceramic tiles come in both glazed and unglazed finishes.

Glazed tiles are coated, usually with a molten glass and have a gloss that isn’t found in unglazed tiles. While glazed tiles tend to be far more slippery than the unglazed version(s), they’re also quite moisture- and stain-resistant. Glazed ceramic tiles are typically used indoors and are usually found in places like laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They come in pretty much any shape, size, texture, or color imaginable, and strongly resemble their porcelain counterparts, despite porcelain being much more expensive.

Unglazed tiles are exactly what they sound like, unglazed. This means they’re basically the same tiles, but they don’t undergo the glazing process. They’re much less slippery, but also much less stain-resistant. Their nature of being less slippery make them much better options for wet areas, such as showers. Unglazed tiles maintain a more matte color. They’re also usually the top choice for outdoor applications, like patios and entryways because they’re naturally slip-resistant.

Marble Tiles

The best tile flooring store Allen TX, Nadine Floor Company, offers a large selection of marble tiles as well.

A marble floor can add a sense of luxury to any home, regardless of how it’s used. Marble is a natural stone, so no two pieces are alike. Marble tiles are popular for their use as flooring, countertops, and artistic accents. In the past, a home was considered extremely luxurious if it had marble flooring. These days, marble has become an extremely popular, more commonly used material. Homeowners who want natural stone flooring are coming to realize that marble tile is much more durable than they could’ve ever imagined.

A Plethora of Options

When you opt for marble flooring tiles, the first thing our experts will tell you is that there are five different types to choose from. Each has its own unique characteristics and the prices vary among them. This means that when you decide on marble, you can probably find an option that will fit your budget. While a softer finish might be great for a formal dining or living space, a high traffic area like a foyer or hallway might require a more durable material that can withstand all the foot traffic.

Contact the best carpet flooring store Allen TX today at (469) 666-4530 to learn more about tile flooring and how it can best fit in your home. The experts at Nadine Floor Company are waiting for your call, ready to help make your home even more special.

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