Best Floors for Pet Owners

Pet owners don’t want to have to constantly clean the floors because of their furry friends. They need their floors to resist fur and stains. So, choose the type of floor that works best for pets and their owners.

Tileclean vinyl plank flooring

Pet stains are easy to clean off the tile. However, the grout is known to crack and need repairs. It’s necessary to maintain the grout using cleaning or sealant products. A tile floor is attractive to us humans and animals. They are pretty and made using different colors and designs.


Choose the finished type of wood floor for your pet area. Only a properly sealed wood floor is long lasting and resistant to all forms of damages that may occur with your pet. If you are purchasing an older home it may be a good idea to refinish and reseal hardwood floors to keep them protected.


Stone includes marble, granite, and slate floors. A stone floor is easy to clean but not easy to scratch or crack. Owners can add rugs to increase the comfort and warmth of the hard surface.


Laminate flooring looks like wood but is easier to maintain. If pets plan to use the floor, apply a damage-resistant sealant. The right installation is also important because a poorly installed floor could come apart and create gaps. Owners can choose laminate that imitates different types of textures like stone or concrete.


Carpet is the least favorable option for pet-friendly flooring. Wet stains are difficult to get out of carpets and may require professional cleaning. The pile collects fur, dander and dust particles that drop onto the floor. Animals find carpet to be comfortable, but cleaning is difficult and expensive for their owners. Vacuuming does not remove all of the particles, and carpet cleaners don’t work on all ingrained stains. To save money on cleaning, many pet owners decide to invest in the right type of floor instead.

Consider a pet-friendly floor that makes it easier to walk around the house. It’s not just about maintaining the floor, it’s to create a safe zone for your pet. Reduce your floor cleaning bill and make sure that you and your pet are comfortable all the time.