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If you’re looking for a material that is naturally beautiful and can stand the test of time, stone is the most timeless and durable material you can use. Knowing the right types of natural stone to use in the right places can create an elegant and timeless look that will add a feel of elegance and increase the value to your home. Add that to professional installation service and you’ve got the perfect combination of stunning elegance and timeless value.

Stone is the perfect material to use in your home because due to its durability and beauty. Its natural colors create a calming feeling and its permanence gives your home a timeless feel. When you think about it, the most long-lasting buildings are made of stone. It can last for ages in its natural state and it will have the same durability no matter what kind of building it’s installed in.Natural Stone Tile

A Material with Many Uses

When most people think of stone, they immediately think of the granite or marble being installed in countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Sure, this is an excellent use of this stone and one we gladly provide to our customers. But, in addition to countertops, stone can be used as flooring or in addition to just about any other material.

Have an entryway to a room that doesn’t need a door? Use natural stone to create an archway instead and make that entrance truly grand. Have a pool that you want to turn into a relaxing oasis? Use natural stone accents throughout to completely transform it. With natural stone, you can truly use it in any way your imagination can come up with.

Part of finding the right inspiration to using this material in your home involves having access to a wide variety of forms and colors to select from. Once you see your options, you’ll start to understand just how many different ways you can use natural stone. If you’re still lost, our experts will be happy to provide you with ideas to transform your home into the retreat you’ve been wanting.

Rock-Solid Installation

Stone is a heavy material. While this weight ensures its long-term durability, it also makes it hard to install properly in the many different applications that it’s used for. In some projects, it can weigh over 1,000 pounds. Materials weighing that much, you’ll need more than just a few strong friends. You’ll need years of experience and special equipment to transport and install the stone without it being broken or damaged. Our installation experts carefully consider every aspect of the home they enter to find the best and safest ways to get the stone where it needs to be without disturbing the rest of the home.

They also take special care to accurately measure the space where the material will be installed to ensure that it fits perfectly the first time. While stone is not impossible to adjust if something is amiss, this adjustment is normally quite difficult and inconvenient to you, the homeowner. By confirming each measurement on-site and consulting with you to make sure that every aspect of the project is understood completely, there is far less room for error (errors that would be hard to fix).

In some applications, stone does require a small amount of care to ensure its lasting beauty. As a company that offers natural stone materials, we pledge to continually follow-up with you to assist you in taking care of your stone and to make that care as easy as possible. We are committed to your satisfaction. Make sure to check out the tiles, vinyl, carpet, remodeling services we offer, and check out our blog as well. Call Nadine Floor Company today at (469) 666-4530 for more information or help scheduling your renovation project!

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