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Main Reasons Behind Yellowing Marble Flooring

Say you’ve enjoyed pristine, white marble flooring for many years, but now your flooring has started yellowing. The elegant flooring of your home is now losing, which unfortunately, isn’t uncommon. There are many reasons for marble starting yellow, and there are solutions for it as well. Read on to learn about the causes and solutions for the yellowing of marble flooring:

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Most Common Reason Behind Yellowing

The most common reason that your marble flooring starts to yellow is due to iron oxidation. Iron can easily cause white marble to begin to turn a yellowish color. When marble flooring has been exposed to bleach, acids or water, the iron of the stone can begin to oxidize, which results in a yellow color. In fact, marble can even turn brown if too much oxidation occurs.

As marble becomes saturated with water, oxidation is more likely to occur. When excessive water spills in your home, marble flooring should be wiped up immediately. Water used to clean marble should also be tested for iron levels to ensure that the water isn’t the cause of the marble yellowing. There is a solution, though. Products have been created that can reverse, or at least reduce, iron oxidization. Speak with a stone restoration expert or flooring company to see if they have any products that could help with the issue.

Dirty Flooring and Insufficient Cleaning

Over time, marble flooring can become quite dirty. When marble isn’t cleaned properly, it can begin to yellow. With constant use, especially in high-traffic areas, the polished surface can begin to wear away. Dirt can become trapped in the pores of the marble, which can cause staining. You should make sure to clean properly using a clean mop to remove such grime. Have your flooring resealed as needed to ensure that the protective sealant stays intact.

Waxy Build-up

You’ve probably heard that having wax applied to your stone flooring can help it maintain its shine. Over time, however, this wax can build up and lead to yellowing. The white marble will start to look faded and more yellow. This can be resolved by calling a professional flooring company and having them remove the wax.

Any homeowner who has marble flooring should pay attention to these tips to maintain that pure white look. The first step is to work with a top-rated contractor to ensure the flooring is installed properly. Have the flooring sealed and learn the right way to maintain marble flooring. Be sure to clean regularly and have the flooring polished and resealed as needed.


Yellowing marble flooring is a common issue, but with the right care and maintenance, you can keep your floors looking pristine. Whether it’s addressing iron oxidation, ensuring proper cleaning, or removing waxy build-up, there are solutions available to restore the elegance of your marble flooring. Remember to work with professionals for the best results and safeguard your investment.

By maintaining your marble flooring, you’ll be guarding your investment for many years to come.

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