One of the most critical challenges that homeowners face when remodeling an existing home or building a new one is finding the perfect flooring solution that’s best for them.

Even though you can replace your home paint, furniture, or add any new accessories within your budget, redoing the entire flooring of your home is going to be a costly affair. It requires not only precision but also time to get the desired results.

Nadine Floor Company Frisco LocationBesides the cost of the material itself, you also need to keep other factors in check, such as stylistic preferences, maintenance costs, and overall durability. These factors tend to play a crucial role when finalizing the type of flooring you want in your home.

Each type of flooring materials come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Keeping the same in mind, our team from Nadine Floors has put together a list of the top low-maintenance flooring options for your home that you need to consider.

Ceramic tiles

As the name suggests, ceramic flooring tiles are made up of a mixture of shale and clay, which is fired in pottery.At Nadine Floors, you can find high-quality ceramic tiles that come in various patterns, colors, hardness, and shapes.You need to check all these aspects when selecting ceramic tiles as a flooring option for your home since some are not hard enough to be used as a flooring option.There are four main types of ceramic tiles that you can find in the market: quarry, terracotta, porcelain, and glazed ceramic tiles.You can find numerous colors in glazed tiles that also feature a glossy, glass-like finish. Note that glazed tiles tend to have a meager maintenance cost.However, the best and most common choice amongst homeowners is porcelain tiles, which offer the highest durability.Since they are fired at extremely high temperatures, porcelain tiles will effortlessly give you years of service. These tiles can be glazed or unglazed depending on your needs and can be used outdoors.

Next in line are quarry tiles. Quarry tiles are rougher than other ceramic flooring options and do not offer you a wide range of colors.Quarry tiles come unglazed but tend to work perfectly in places where slipping and falling are a considerable risk.

Last but not least, terracotta tiles. Terracotta tiles are the least durable ceramic tiles that require regular maintenance and upkeep.erracotta tiles need to be sealed occasionally to prevent any long-lasting stains. You can find these tiles in only earthy shades, and they come unglazed.

Luxury vinyl

Most homeowners love the look and feel of natural hardwood flooring. However, they do not like the maintenance that comes along with them.

If you have the time to maintain hardwood flooring, then it is definitely worth the investment. Nevertheless, if you do not have time to do regular maintenance tasks, then luxury vinyl flooring can do an excellent job of mimicking the look of natural hardwood flooring.Luxury vinyl is a fantastic alternative for homes since it is easier to maintain and more affordable than hardwood flooring.If your household has pets or small children, then luxury vinyl is a perfect option for you since it will not develop scratches as quickly as natural hardwood flooring.

Engineered wood

Natural solid wooden flooring is made differently from the engineered wooden flooring. Engineered wood is a more robust and cheaper alternative to natural wood.This type of flooring option tends to have two kinds of wood infused in one plank: where the lower plank is built with layers of less expensive plywood, while the upper layer is often made using natural wood, ideally with a gloss finish.Engineered wood offers homeowners excellent stability that is extendable with more stone dust and wood fiber.

Here at Nadine Floors, we have a wide variety of wood textures, finishes, and board width options for your home’s custom styling purposes. You can even go with parquet tiles if you wish for a better, more stylistic application.Engineered wooden flooring can give you a look and feel of solid wood flooring but at a lower cost. Nevertheless, better durability doesn’t always mean you will not have to deal with dents and scratches in the long run.You will also be at risk of developing scratches through the top layer, exposing the layer of plywood underneath.


Linoleum flooring is an ideal substitute for vinyl if you are conscious of nature. Linoleum is made using renewable, natural materials like linseed oil and cork powder.Since there are reservations regarding the chemicals involved when manufacturing vinyl, linoleum has now taken the front stage for homeowners considering replacing their existing vinyl flooring.


Your budget, living arrangement, and stylistic preferences dictate the ideal flooring option for your home.Nevertheless, the most vital aspect of flooring is to figure out the perfect balance between durability, style, and expense.Our team from Nadine Floors can help you find an ideal flooring option for your home without any issues.

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