Limestone Tile Flooring Store Allen TX

Limestone Tile Flooring Store Allen, Texas

Limestone flooring is becoming more and more popular for all areas of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms. Its natural stone composition makes it perfect for areas that experience more moisture due to its moisture-resistant nature. Since it’s made in nature, stone is highly resistant to the elements. The popularity of limestone flooring can be partly attributed to its natural beauty, durability, and ease of installation. Different finishes, including honed and polished, make it a popular flooring option. In this article, we will explore the world of limestone tile flooring, the benefits it offers, and why you should consider the best limestone tile flooring store Allen, Nadine Floor Company, for all your flooring needs.

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The Many Uses of Limestone

Since it can be used so many different ways, limestone shouldn’t just be limited to the bathroom. While flooring might be the most popular use for limestone tile, the experts at the best limestone tile flooring store Allen, Nadine Floor Company, can show you just how many different ways you can use limestone tiling – from walls to countertops and backsplashes. The look of limestone is one that is both classic and modern.


Install limestone floor tiles in your bathroom to give it a beautiful and easy to maintain look! You’ll also find this new flooring to be extremely durable and low maintenance. Once your new flooring is installed, you’ll realize that just sweeping and wiping down as needed will maintain your flooring’s perfect condition. Adding the correct sealer, as recommended by the professionals at the finest limestone  tile flooring store Allen, will greatly increase the lifespan of your tile flooring.


We all know that allergens and bacteria enter every home. We also know that some flooring options trap and hold these harmful allergens until they’re deep-cleaned. With natural stone flooring, like limestone, this isn’t the case at all. Allergens, bacteria, mites, and other pathogens can’t attach themselves to stone flooring so they end up dying out on their own. The leftover dander and dust is just swept away whenever you clean.

A gentle cleaning solution is recommended for maintaining your limestone floor. Never use anything with an acidic base, like bleach or vinegar. These harsh chemicals will cause permanent damage to your limestone tiles. Avoid spilling chemicals when cleaning showers, tubs, sinks, toilets or other fixtures. An accidental spill could cause irreparable damage to your limestone floor. A little caution when cleaning will go a long way when it comes to maintaining your limestone flooring and keeping it in good condition. The best limestone tile flooring store Allen, Nadine Floor Company, will give you advice on the best cleaners to use on and around your new limestone floor.

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Contact the best limestone tile flooring store Allen today at (469) 666-4530 to learn more about limestone tile and how it may best serve your needs. The experts at Nadine Floor Company are waiting for your call, ready to help you make your home even more special.

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