Laminate Pros and Cons

Laminate flooring has always been one of those in-between flooring options. If properly maintained, it can bring you quite a bit of value. However, if maintained poorly, you could end up regretting it. Here are some laminate flooring pros and cons:

Proslaminate pros cons

Easy installation

The installation of laminate flooring is simple enough that you could probably do it yourself. Each plank fits together with the others like a puzzle. Rather than nailing them down or gluing them together, laminate planks are installed using the click/lock method. So it’s a floating floor. Furthermore, laminate flooring doesn’t have to be attached to a substrate and each plank can, therefore, be easily replaced if damage occurs.


Laminate flooring can be made imitate any type of hardwood, stone or tile. Thus, the options are practically limitless with laminate. You won’t get the same benefits and functions of real hardwood, stone or tile, but modern technology makes laminate flooring appear almost identical to the types of flooring that it’s imitating.


Laminate flooring typically costs around $4.50 – $5.00 per square foot. That’s significantly less expensive than other types of flooring, like hardwood, natural stone and ceramic tile. Therefore, some of laminate’s lesser qualities can be triumphed by its reasonable price.

Easy to clean

Laminate surfaces are multi-layered. One of those layers is a wear layer. The wear layer offers support and protection to the surface. It prevents scratches and the sudden appearance of seams. This way, the surface maintains its flatness. In the end, all that’s needed to keep laminate flooring clean is a broom and a vacuum.

Borderline Pro/Con


Laminate flooring isn’t actual hardwood flooring, so you shouldn’t expect it to hold the same natural look. That being said, laminate does do a pretty decent job of imitating hardwood. One of its layers is a high-resolution image of an actual type of hardwood. Manufacturing has become so detailed and innovative that the high-resolution image used as part of a laminate floor is very hard to differentiate from real hardwood.


Just like any type of flooring, laminate flooring will wear down over time. Its multi-layered composition protects it as best as possible, but eventually natural wear and tear will take effect on it. The issue with laminate is that it can’t be refinished like hardwood can. The good news is that it can be easily replaced and most manufacturers provide a warranty of at least 10 years.



Of the laminate flooring pros and cons, this one is perhaps the most important. Moisture can spell doom for a laminate floor if exposed to it for a considerable amount of time. It’s highly recommended to avoid laminate flooring in a laundry room or a bathroom. Any leak in these areas will ruin any form of wood flooring. The kitchen, however, can handle a laminate floor. You’ll have to be diligent with keeping moisture off of it, but moisture does not come about as often or with as much volume in a kitchen. The goal is to prevent moisture from reaching the core of laminate flooring. If it reaches the core then you’ll probably be needing a new flooring very soon.

Lower return on investment

Because laminate isn’t real wood or stone or tile, it will not add much, if any value to your home. Its shorter lifetime and interchangeability also prevents an increase in value. So, if you are looking for reliable, budget-friendly flooring for a home that you just moved into, laminate flooring is a great choice. If you need a new floor and feel like you may end up selling your home in a few years, you might want to consider a long-lasting, elegant type of flooring that can get you a great return on investment.

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