5 Kitchen Countertop Ideas

A kitchen is, arguably, the most important room in a home. It’s usually the most used room and the room that is visited most often. This is why you want it to look inviting. There’s a lot that goes into a kitchen, but countertops tend to stand out more than any other aspect – so make sure they stand out in a good way. Here are 5 kitchen countertops ideas to consider:

Contrasting Colorskitchen countertop ideas

Contrast means differing, or opposite. With this countertops idea, your kitchen will have a unique and bold look with the use of opposite colors. For instance, a combination of black and white throughout your kitchen will create a very interesting look. This will be a great look whether it be black countertops with white cabinets or white countertops with black cabinets. Regardless, it’ll result in a look that can’t be beat.

Many homeowners experiment with other combinations, like light blue or lime green countertops with white cabinetry. Combinations like those give a kitchen more of a bright look rather than a sleek one.

Thick Slab

You might be starting to see thick slab countertops used more often, as it’s getting more and more popular. Slabs, generally 3-5’’ in width, give a bold look to a kitchen. You can find thick slab countertops in practically any material, but they look best in natural stone. Whether it’s granite, quartz, limestone, slate, or marble, thick slab countertops have the ability to truly highlight a kitchen.


Another popular countertop material in modern kitchen design is concrete. While concrete countertops are chosen mainly for functional purposes, they also make for a cool design. Concrete fits the color scheme of any kitchen and it will last you a long time.


Wrapped countertops are unique because they extend down to the floor, at least the sides do. The lengthier part of a kitchen counter remains open to allow seating, but the narrower sides make a right angle and go down to the floor. The same material is still used throughout. It’s important to note that wrapped countertops are best for island countertops rather than attached countertops.


Who said you have to use only one type of countertop material in your kitchen? Why can’t you use two? Two different materials can create a unique and high-quality look. Of course, this idea works best with an island countertop as well. You can have a laminate countertop installed on your island and install the surrounding countertops with granite or quartz. The options are endless, so just be sure to get samples or consult an expert before committing. The multi-tone may seem to be the coolest out of all the kitchen countertops ideas, but it can also be the riskiest.

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