Are you planning on purchasing a laminate floor? A question that immediately pops into a Plano homeowner’s mind is how long will a laminate floor last and is it worth the money. A laminate floor should last up to and even beyond the manufacturers given guarantee if applied and taken care of properly. 

Laminate flooring is built to withstand everyday use. Although the material itself is very resilient, it cannot be refinished; therefore, there is no exact duration it should last. 

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Depending on where the floor is installed, the amount of wear & tear, and the quality of your product, the average lifespan of laminate flooring can be expected anywhere between 5 – 10 years. Your floor is easily the most used part of your home and receives a higher amount of foot traffic daily. 

While choosing a flooring material, it is vital that you select a material which gives you the best service. There are many flooring materials that you can choose from in the market, which include wood, laminate flooring, stone, tile, and much more. But for today, we will focus on laminate flooring. 

What is laminate flooring?  

If you wish to get the essence of stone or wood at a lower cost, our experts from Nadine Floor Company suggest you go for waterproof laminate flooring.  

A laminate is built using numerous layers of materials compressed together, which are later laminated using a transparent protective layer. Its elegance comes from the fact that underneath all the layers, there is a decorative design which usually mimics metal, wood, or stone. 

But that’s not it. Laminate flooring also gives you various options when it comes to finishes like a smooth finish, natural wood, matte finish, oiled wood, hand scraped, soft scrap, high gloss finish, and much more. 

With so many options at your disposal, you can choose what fits your taste and style the best. Just remember, your floor makes the basis of everything you later buy in your house.  

How thick are laminates? 

Laminate flooring can vary in thickness ranging anywhere from 6mm to 14mm. The thickness of your laminate flooring can help you determine the durability of laminate flooring and its cost. 

The thicker you go, the more durable, expensive, and easy to install it gets. Laminate flooring can give you a performance that is similar to what a hardwood floor offers since they are resistant to impact and wrapping. 

Location and wear 

Standard use-case should not rapidly depreciate the overall quality of your floor since laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and durable. However, the performance of your flooring depends on where it’s installed.  

If you plan on installing laminate flooring in an area that receives above-average wear and tear like the bathroom or kitchen, your flooring may not last much before showing signs of damage like scratches and gaps. 

Water dripping from the dishwasher or the sink could be extremely damaging since water can easily get in between or under the boards, causing your laminate to swell over time. This may require you to replace your board or even a section of the flooring.  

If installed in an area that has average footfall, little exposure to water, and low to moderate wear, your laminate floor can last a decade or even longer. 


Your products rating is an excellent indicator of its value. Laminate flooring is typically rated on its ability to resist wear, stains, burn, scratches, and fading.  

The rating starts at AC, followed by a number ranging from 1 to 5, with one being the lowest rating. A level five laminate is so durable that it could be installed even in a commercial environment, whereas a level one should only be installed in low-traffic areas. 

AC3 is considered to be an ideal product for residential use. The higher-rated your laminate is, the longer you should expect your floor to last.  


How long should you expect your laminate floor to last? This depends on various different factors. All manufacturers give a particular life expectancy for each type of laminate flooring typically around ten years. 

If properly maintained and taken care of, laminate floors can easily last more than a decade. Cleaning your laminate floors using any harsh cleaner will undoubtedly reduce its overall lifespan.  

Similarly, suppose water or any fluid spills on your laminate floor and you let it stay there for an unreasonably extended period of time without wiping, it will cause your flooring to deteriorate. 

The lifespan of your laminate flooring also depends on how properly it was installed. Since these types of flooring use a glue-less system, it’s essential that they are correctly fitted. As we’ve discussed earlier, the placement of your laminate flooring also affects its life span.  

If the room where you’ve installed laminate floor receives a lot of foot traffic, the chances are that the total life expectancy of your floor might be a little shorter as well. 

In case your laminate floor’s paper starts peeling off then it’s an indication that your floor is getting old and it’s time to get it replaced.  

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