Flooring is the base of the rest of the home design. As those at Nadine Floor Company know well, homeowners today are looking for contemporary trends that are modern, innovative and interesting. The hottest trends in flooring have something to offer the contemporary Plano, TX homeowner looking for a home makeover that is at once modern and yet timeless. There are lots of options to pick from that will help any home look fabulous.

Bamboo Flooringbest vinyl plank flooring

One of the hottest trends in flooring today is the use of bamboo. Bamboo has many advantages. It is easy to harvest. It’s also available in many types of widths as well as colors. Bamboo works with many different kinds of home decor plans from Victorian to art deco. Bamboo is easy to install in the home and beautiful as well.

Carpet Tiles

Many homeowners love the look of carpeting. Carpeting is warm and soft. One innovative way to use carpet in the home is using carpeting tiles. Carpeting tiles can help any homeowner have something unique. Different kinds of carpeting tiles can be combined. Many homeowners love being able to choose from varied colors in their home. They can opt for a series of tiles in a specific group of colors such as greens and blues. It’s possible to create a personal pattern in any room in the home that works well with an overall home makeover.

Dark Tones

Dark tones are also popular with homeowners today. Many love the look of the darker woods. Darker tones go well with many different types of furnishings. For example, a series of dramatic planks in shades of black and grey help set off lighter toned furnishings. White couches instantly take center stage when set against wood dyed in shades of deep grey.

Green Carpeting

Modern homeowners want to make use of modern materials. Many new kinds of flooring choices are highly versatile and highly eco conscious. Homeowners are increasingly aware that they need to bring in materials into their home that are made in accordance with accepted eco-friendly ideas. For example, it’s possible to buy recycled carpeting today. Recycled carpeting is made from materials that have been previously used such as plastics. However, the recycled carpeting is just as soft and even more durable than standard forms of carpeting.

Varied Board Lengths

Unique looks are also prized by homeowners. They want to have something special they can’t find anywhere else. One way to make each room look different is with the use of different sized planks. Instead of boards that are the same size, this kind of flooring uses different board lengths. The varied look helps add movement to the entire room and allows it a sense of true personality.

Wide Planks

Wider planks are another way to help add lots of drama to any room. Wider planks provide a central focal point that allows smaller details to stand out. Pair with other large pieces such as an oversized sofa for a look that is memorable the second someone steps through the door.

Whatever look you are going for Nadine Floors can make your vision a reality. Call or click today.