Understanding Hardwood Flooring: Prefinished, Engineered or Unfinished?

Hardwood flooring is considered a fad nowadays because it can effortlessly complement with any furniture and interior decor of today. It never goes out of style and remains as a classy, elegant flooring that everyone vie for. Yet, what hinders consumers to totally embrace the beauty of hardwood flooring knows what could give them more savings on time and cost without having the quality compromised. With this in hand, the hardwood flooring Lewisville-based company proudly shares the difference between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring and why people always got a hard time of choosing the best between the two.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

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Nadine Floor Company is known for its superb quality prefinished hardwoods that allow consumers to save much money and time. This is because just before the hardwood were installed – it has already undergone staining, sanding and other processes that give attractive finishing touches to the hardwood floor. Compared to the previous prefinished hardwood flooring where the color and stains are limited and has wax-like protective coating, the present prefinished hardwood flooring now comes in various color and stains, where wax finish is replaced with durable urethane-based finish. This new finish prevents the hardwood from having water spotting issues and makes the hardwood resistant to scratching. This type of hardwood flooring is often recommended to people who are in a tight budget but wanted high-quality solid hardwood flooring because this has been already manufactured in factories with complete finishing touches. Thus, consumers do not have to wait for days to have the sanding and refinishing of the hardwood be complete, plus the fact that it does not live unpleasant odor upon installation.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring utilized real wood. This type of hardwood flooring has a finished surface that is consist of a thick layer of solid hardwood that shows the all natural beauty of the wood species. Below the layer of the solid hardwood is the inner core of the high-density fiberboard or HDF layers that serve as the hardwood backing. According to homeowners who had engineered hardwood installed in their floors, once this type of hardwood flooring Lewisville is installed, it becomes difficult to distinguish it from the solid plank floor. Yet to some experts, distinguishing the features of engineered hardwood floor from solid plank floor is not that hard because the EW behaves a little different where it tends to be much easier to install and found to be less expensive.


Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished hardwood flooring deals with a laborious process of installing hardwood floors and requires highly skilled refinishers to make the installation a success. It takes a lot of sanding, staining and finishing, in which if this task will be handed to inexperience refinishers; it will end up having bubbles, pools or missed spots in the finish. Other times, you would see hair or dust stuck in the finishing coats so the success of having unfinished hardwood flooring depends on the people who will do the work. Yet, this is typically recommended to people who wanted try something new from the wood designs and patterns because of the hardwood’s square edge look.


The Bottom Line

Whether you opt for prefinished, engineered or unfinished hardwood flooring, the key to have a timeless, elegant looking wood floor is finding the hardwood flooring Lewisville-based company, Nadine Floor, which offers high quality hardwood floors in various grades, styles, colors, size and wood species as well as a flooring service installation like no other.