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Cost of Granite Flooring

Renovating the home is always an interesting project, and one of the areas that receives the most attention is the flooring. Older homes will probably need new flooring due to staining and wearing down and new homeowners will want to choose the perfect flooring material for their homes. Granite is an elegant natural stone that’s sought after by homeowners around the world. This durable material has quality pigmentation and can easily be maintained for years But how much does it cost to install? Read on to see our breakdown below:

Typical Cost of Granite Flooring Allen, Texas

Basic granite flooring will begin at about $2 to $15 per square foot. Upgrading to a higher-quality granite means that you’ll have to pay, on average, $25 to $50 per square foot. When looking at the price of granite flooring Allen, make sure to take your budget into consideration. Will you have to pay for installation? If you are installing granite tiles yourself and have experience doing so, you might choose the more expensive granite materials since you won’t have to worry about the cost of installation.

If you really want to save as much money as possible, then opt for the lower cost granite and install yourself. Even if you have to hire a contractor to install the flooring for you, more money will be saved by going with the lower cost granite.

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Cost of Installation

When having professionally installed in your granite flooring Allen, TX home, it will cost you extra. Most installation experts charge between about $4 to $20+. Speak to different granite flooring Allen installation companies and get estimates on your project from each. Make sure the installation experts are reputable and try to get the best deal available

DIY Installation

If you opt for a DIY flooring installation, take into account the expenses associated with the necessary materials. These include items such as a wet saw for cutting, a hammer, nails, a straight edge, a circular saw, screws, a trowel, thin set mortar, and sealant. Some of these tools may already be in your possession, in which case there won’t be any extra costs. If you don’t have these tools, consider renting them or asking friends if they have any to spare. There are various ways to keep your flooring project budget-friendly.

Additionally, factor in the time required to complete the project. Choose a weekend when you have no prior commitments so that you can dedicate enough time to finish the project without dragging it out.

Staying on Budget

Break down the cost of installing granite flooring Allen, including labor, to make sure you can afford the project. If you realize that your plan doesn’t fit your budget, consider opting for a less expensive granite option or complete the installation yourself. Or, if you want both the higher-end granite and professional installation, wait until you save up enough money for both.

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