If you plan to install a brand-new floor in your house, then your massive tables, couches, or cabinetry may get in the way. You can either have these items moved or hire professional movers to do it for you. However, if you contact a good flooring company, you can also ask them to take care of your furniture for you. No matter which option you go for, you will still have a few questions about where to put all your valuables and how to prepare your home for the brand-new flooring. Our team from Nadine Floor Company has come up with a few tips that you can use when installing flooring with furniture in the house.

The easiest way to approach this project is by putting all your furniture at some place that is not getting the new flooring, such as your storage shed, garage, or even the basement. You can always use a portable storage unit outside your property so you can access all your valuables easily after the installation is completed. Nevertheless, if you do not have access to temporary storage spaces or spare rooms, you can move your furniture around different rooms during the process.

Keep in mind that before you move any of your furniture, it is vital to empty the drawers to lighten the overall load. Doing this will help you make the task effortless while also reducing any risk of damage. To better determine what you need to do with your household furniture, you need to answer these questions yourself:


Getting New Flooring | Nadine Floor Company

New Flooring – Nadine Floor Company


Are you installing new flooring throughout the house or in a single room?

If you are planning on laying down carpet flooring in your living room or are putting vinyl tiles in your kitchen, you can shift all your furniture to another room in the house and leave it there until the project is completed.


What is your estimated timeline?

Depending on your new flooring material, your project may be running on a tight schedule. You need to consider how quickly you can get all valuables out of your house and how quickly you need to get rid of everything before the installation process begins. While asking our team to move your furniture is the most convenient option you can go for, you must let us know in advance if you wish us to do the heavy lifting for you.


Can you lift heavy furniture on your own?

Even though relocating the furniture yourself is the most cost-effective way, you may not have the workforce to do it all by yourself. You must consider hiring a team of professionals to do the job for you if you cannot move the furniture around the house.


How many spare rooms do you have in your house?

If your house has a few extra bedrooms, you can use one of those as a temporary place to keep all your furniture until the project is completed. Nevertheless, if your home does not have any extra space, you will have to consider storing all your furniture in a storage unit or shifting furniture from one room to the next throughout the project.


Getting New Flooring | Nadine Floor Company

New Flooring – Nadine Floor Company


Best way to install new flooring with massive furniture in the room

Installing new flooring with heavy furniture in the room is going to depend on the material you choose. You can quickly put down floor planks without having to clear the entire house but will have to get rid of heavy valuables if you wish to install sheet vinyl or carpet flooring. Ensure you follow these tips when handling your couches and tables during a new flooring installation project.


How to install carpet flooring with furniture?

It is not easy to install carpet flooring if you have furniture in the room since one roll of carpet will take up the entire floor. During the project, you need to remove the furniture from your entire space so that the flooring experts from Nadine Floor Company can lay down the carpet quickly and effortlessly. We also suggest you place carpet protectors under the legs of all your furniture if you wish to prevent any impressions.


How to install hardwood flooring with furniture?

As our team from Nadine Floor Company lays down laminate or hardwood planks, you can quickly move your valuables from one place to another. You will also have to buy furniture pads for heavy dressers or desks to prevent scratching or denting. You can find these pads in numerous shapes and sizes and select one that fits perfectly underneath different pieces of furniture. When rearranging your tables or couches in the room, ensure you lift them instead of dragging or pulling them along the flooring.


How to install vinyl flooring with furniture?

If you plan on installing sheet vinyl flooring, you will have to remove all your belongings since the flooring comes as a single large piece. In the case of vinyl planking, you can shift your furniture from one room to another as you would with laminate or hardwood flooring. You will also have to use padding underneath the furniture if you wish to protect your flooring from any depressions.


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New Flooring – Nadine Floor Company

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