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What Kind of Flooring Is Best for My Home?

There are many types of flooring available, and while that’s good in some ways, it can also make choosing a flooring material seem like a daunting task. If you don’t know much about the types of flooring in Allen TX available to you, it could be months before you make your decision.

Below are some tips that can help guide you in your search for the best type of flooring for your home.

Three Basic Types of Flooring in Allen TX

If you know the main types available for flooring in Allen TX, it won’t be as much of a daunting task. Here are the three basic flooring types:

No.1 Best Flooring in Allen TX - Nadine Floor Company
  1. Stone
    Stone flooring is made of naturally produced hard stones, like granite and marble. Natural stones are strong and quite durable. They’re also some of the more expensive flooring options. If you want to increase the resale value of your home, natural stone flooring is a great option to consider having installed. Natural stones have different graining and veins that give each tile a unique look. That is why they’re great for any home, whether the style is modern or classic.
  2. Wood
    Wood is one of the classic flooring options that can be found in both new and older homes. The grain of hardwoods like rosewood, mahogany, hickory and so forth are quite appealing and give a home a sense of warmth. Hardwood is also a durable and long-lasting material so you’ll be able to enjoy its elegant look for many years to come. Hardwood flooring is slightly similar to natural stone in terms of cost.
  3. Engineered
    Engineered flooring is man-made. It’s a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Engineered flooring in Allen TX can be further divided into other categories:
    1. Tiles – this flooring is a good alternative to actual stone tile, because they somewhat imitate their look and strength. However, because they’re thinner than natural stone tiles, they’re not quite as durable. They are less expensive than natural stone tiles, though.
    2. Laminate  Laminate flooring is made of different layers that are glued and pressed together by machines and laminated on both sides to make sturdy planks that can be used for flooring, walls and countertops. The top surface is covered by a paper that is printed with a high-definition image of stone, wood or other designs, which makes laminate imitate other flooring materials. These are the least expensive flooring materials.
    3. Structured – this type of flooring is commonly called engineered floors since they’re made by combining small pieces of natural stone, cement, silica, glass and other materials. They can be as hard and as durable as hard stone floors. Due to this, they are also slightly expensive.

What’s Best for You?

After learning about the different types available to you flooring in Allen TX, you should take your lifestyle, budget, and preferences into consideration when deciding on flooring for your home or office. Nadine Floor Company offers the best and most reliable services for flooring in Allen TX. Contact us now!

No.1 Best Flooring in Allen TX - Nadine Floor Company


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