Engineered Wood Flooring Allen TX

Engineered Wood Flooring Allen

Love the look of wood flooring but don’t have the budget for it? Or maybe you love wood flooring but aren’t able to maintain it? We have good news! There’s a type of flooring that mimics hardwood, but is less expensive and more sturdy. It’s called engineered wood flooring.

The Perks of Engineered Floors

  • Immune to common flooring problems
  • Visual appeal of real hardwood
  • Versatile
  • Less expensive than real hardwood

Composition is the most unique part of engineered wood flooring  Allen. This type of flooring is layered, making it more difficult for moisture to seep into the core. It’s topped with a wear layer that guards the layer of real wood underneath. Nadine Floor Company’s engineered wood is covered with an aluminum oxide top coat that keeps the veneer safe while also giving it an authentic look.

No.1 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Allen - Nadine Floor Company

The wood veneer is made of real hardwood. Thus, engineered wood planks imitate hardwood. Chances are, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. That’s one of the great features of high-quality engineered wood.

Nadine’s popular options for wood layers include birch, hickory and red oak. Each veneer comes in varying widths. You can view the wood species by clicking onto the “Engineered Woods” page on our website. You can also visit our store for samples and take a look at them in-person.

Engineered wood flooring Allen has the look of hardwood, yet is slightly cheaper. There’s no going wrong! The price difference isn’t huge, but engineered wood usually costs a few dollars less per square foot than real wood and anything makes a difference. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for any refinishing or sanding down the line.

The rest of the layers

Engineered wood flooring Allen contains a layer of plywood, also known as the core. This is the thickest layer. It protects the plank by preventing moisture from seeping through. It also provides a bit of cushion to the plank, making it more comfortable to walk on.

Some engineered flooring planks have another wear layer at the very bottom as well. Come visit us in store and we’ll explain and show you the difference between these planks. We’ll complete the installation, too!

How do other types of flooring compare to engineered wood flooring Allen, TX??

We’ve already gone over traditional hardwood. It’s 100% real wood, but it’s also vulnerable to moisture and everyday wear and tear. Although it costs money, hardwood can always be sanded and refinished.

Laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring are layered, but they are lower in quality and less durable than engineered hardwood/ real hardwood flooring. Vinyl plank varies a bit in terms of pricing, but tends to be quite affordable. It’s not necessarily easy to damage, but almost anyone would be able to tell the difference between it and hardwood/engineered hardwood.

Laminate looks more realistic than luxury vinyl plank; it’s not at the same level as engineered or solid hardwood. When comparing the four materials, it’s easy to group up laminate and vinyl plank, and engineered and solid hardwood. Each group is similar to each other in terms of advantages/disadvantages and pricing. Still, engineered hardwood stands as perhaps the top choice given its realistic appearance and strength against flooring threats.

Nadine Floor Company – Engineered Wood Flooring Allen, Texas

Nadine Floor Company offers the perfect selection in engineered wood flooring  Allen. Check out our selection on our website and/or visit one of our three locations (East Plano, West Plano, Frisco) to get an in-person look. We’ll walk you through every option!

Please visit to learn more. Also, visit our blog to learn more about the different types of flooring.

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