Durability is a crucial factor when considering the most suitable flooring choice for your property. Your selection must be capable of holding years of wear and tear, or else the repair or replacement costs keep increasing your budget. For most homeowners, wood and concrete have been long known flooring options. But today, laminate wood flooring too does well as an excellent flooring choice!


How Durable Is Laminate Wood Flooring | Nadine Floors

Laminate Wood Flooring – Nadine Floors


How Durable Is Laminate Wood Flooring?

Laminate is a versatile, affordable, and a lot stronger flooring option. Put simply, laminate lasts for 15 to 25 years. However, its life expectancy depends on a number of factors.

Depending on how you care for your laminate, its life and toughness may vary. Some laminates that are lightly used last for around 30 years, while less cared and more heavily used floors last only about ten years.

The durability of the laminate wood also varies based on the quality of the chosen product. Thus, most people prefer Pergo, Bruce, Home Decorators, Shaw, Quick-Step, and Traffic Master. These are amongst the top producers that offer premium flooring options that may last a lifetime with the least upkeep efforts.

Besides, the stability of laminate wood flooring also relies on how well the floor has been installed. Laminate may be a DIY choice, but it always fairs well when installed by professional contractors who understand their job and dependably render safe and beautiful floors.

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How Durable Is Laminate Wood Flooring | Nadine Floors

Laminate Wood Flooring – Nadine Floors


What Makes Laminate The Most Preferred Choice?

Laminate wood flooring is quite thicker to retain the needed strength for both commercial and residential applications. It is affordable, looks like real wood, and require less upkeep. What else sets laminate apart from the rest of the flooring options are these fantastic features:

  • Look of wood

Laminate wood flooring provides you with everything you want from a hardwood floor, but without the actual expense. It looks and sounds like wood. Besides, it stands well to the daily wear and tear and is strong enough to handle high foot traffic. You can choose from various finishes, including whitewashed, embossed, and high-gloss, etc.

  • Comfort and convenience

Traditionally, laminate has been very slippery and hard to feel under the foot. However, most recent innovations have developed anti-slip treatments and underpayments that make laminate a bit springy. Such features advance laminate as one of the most convenient flooring options.

  • Water resistance

Laminate is safe for (slightly) moisture-prone and wet areas. However, you must install barriers (underlayment) while setting up the planks. Also, since laminate isn’t real wood, it doesn’t warp as much in the presence of water. With laminate, you don’t have to stress about splashes and spillage. These also do well in the kitchen, basement, and bathroom.

  • Noise proofing

Installing a cushioned underlayment may help reduce echoes and squeakiness. It also dampens the extra sound caused between two different surfaces. This property also makes the flooring option suitable in areas where soundproofing is required.

  • Scratch resistance

Laminate resists stains, scuffs, and scratches. To be honest, no flooring option is 100% scratch-proof, but laminate somewhat resists most scratches and dents. It is pet-proof and kids-proof and does well even in high traffic areas. However, a professional must address any deep scratches, so it doesn’t affect the flooring from its foundation.

  • Trendy colors and patterns

You will be amazed by the variety that home improvement or flooring centers offer. There is grey laminate, textured laminate, natural wood laminate, brown laminate, rustic look, multi-tonal laminate, and more. You may get an unlimited assortment so you can pick the product that matches your style and aesthetics. You can also customize the patterns as there is nothing but superior quality, HD décor paper firmly attached to medium-density fiberboard to allow personalization.

  • Easy installation

The click clock design of laminate planks makes these easy to install and an excellent DIY option. Interlocking makes the process quick and stress-free. You can also choose glue down laminates if interlocking doesn’t work for your needs. Also, since acclimatization is not necessary, the installation procedure is relatively straightforward.

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  • Low to no maintenance

The kind of technology laminate wood makes use of does not allow any dirt, debris, or pet dander to hold onto the surface. Plus, maintenance is not that difficult – you may simply vacuum the floor or wipe off with a damp cloth to keep it squeaky clean. Use a laminate cleaner if at all these methods do not work for your particular stains. Being dustproof also makes the floor apt for people who may catch allergies due to hidden allergens.

  • Durability

With adequate upkeep and normal use, laminate may last for over three decades, making it the choicest flooring option. Unlike wooden floors that may dent or warp easily, laminate stands well to daily stress. The wear layer it comes with gives laminate a great life. If at all it heavily wears off or develops structural cracking, the planks are replaced without any troubles.

  • Functionality

Most installers consider having an underlayment, so the floor feels pleasing to walk on. This allows you to stand on the floor for a much longer time, or else the floor feels hard and difficult to cope with. Plus, slip-resistant floors again add to the functionality of your laminate wood flooring

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The features of laminates may vary from one producer to the other. But what you must go for is:

  • Superior quality product
  • Best in class warranty
  • Professional installation

Keeping these three crucial factors in mind will help you get the best out of your laminate wood flooring. This increases the floor’s durability while maintaining its integrity even in the long run.


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How Durable Is Laminate Wood Flooring | Nadine Floors

Laminate Wood Flooring – Nadine Floors

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