Carpet Designs

Carpet is considered an asset in every household. People spend a lot of money on carpeting in their homes. Interior design experts know how carpets affect the general appearance of a house. This is why homeowners are told to be careful of which carpeting they select. Many trends have emerged in the market guiding people on which color, pattern and texture they should select. These trends are mostly interior designs. These designs are moving away from the set customs.

Below are some of the latest carpet design trends of 2019:

Color and texturecarpet trends

Traditionally, flooring materials came in plain colors. Recently, however, manufacturing companies have started combining a variety of both colors and textures in their products. This trend has been adopted by many people within a short period of time as it reduces the chances of marks being left. Additionally, it gives it a unique and stylish look. There are multiple textures and colors for a person can select from. Homeowners must make sure that the carpeting they select perfectly fits in with the color scheme of their house.

The manufacturing sector

Manufacturing companies must do everything in their power to stay on top. Due to this, they have become more interested in what their consumers like.

This is why you’ve probably started seeing carpeting made from loop yarns, plaids, swirls, lattices and pin dots, among others. This trend has made it easy for homeowners to find carpeting that coordinate with their color scheme and furniture. This trend mostly focuses on personalizing a space and that’s the reason it is commonly chosen by homeowners.

Waterproof carpets

Technology is being incorporated everywhere, including aspects of interior design. Water and moisture is one of the leading causes for carpet damage. Some people don’t choose carpet simply because they fear water might damage or discolor its appearance. The new lifeguard technology has led to the development of water-resistant carpets. They can be used in any room of the house because they don’t absorb any water or any liquid and, consequently, doesn’t leave stains.

Eco-friendly flooring

This is among the top trends in 2019. There has been pressure by environmentalists on the emergence of eco-friendly and sustainable flooring options. Because of this, carpets made from environmentally-friendly materials are being developed. This trend helps protect our environment while giving homeowners a budget-friendly flooring system.

Cut and loop trend

Traditionally, carpets were one big piece of material that a homeowner could purchase. This trend seems to have faded in 2019 with the emergence of the cut and loop trend. As the name might suggest, these carpets are put together like puzzles to form a unique and stylish pattern. This trend allows homeowners to use the pieces they find necessary and store the rest for future use.

Carpet Tiles

Carpeting has been known to be bulky and stressful to move from one area to another. This 2019 trend has changed everything! People no longer have to worry about moving entire rolls of carpeting around. Carpet tiles have made it easy to carry around smaller pieces and come back for the rest as needed. In addition, this trend makes the entire floor look organized and even.