Can you put vinyl plank flooring over ceramic tile?

Vinyl flooring

Flooring trends tend to change quite a bit over the years. Things get more and more advanced. Vinyl flooring these days look almost exactly like the materials they’re meant to replicate. Homeowners want to renovate the look of their homes. These homeowners have an average household income of about $130,000/ year, meaning that these people want their homes to look nice but are still on a budget. There are two flooring trends which have gained popularity. These are luxury vinyl flooring and ceramic tile flooring. Despite what you might think, vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity over ceramic tile. Many people who have ceramic tiles are considering replacing them with luxury vinyl flooring. Therefore, these people wonder if vinyl flooring can be installed over ceramic tile flooring.

About Vinyl flooringvinyl over ceramic

Vinyl flooring is considered the simplest flooring installed material a person can come across. This material is growing in popularity because it can really give a room a whole new feel. Moreover, there are many designs a person can choose from when it comes to vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can be used as an original floor or as a remodel. Especially when it comes to remodeling, homeowners have raised a lot of questions and expressed interest. In particular, they’re asking if it’s necessary to remove the current flooring before installing the luxury vinyl flooring.

We are experts when it comes to flooring. Right now, we’re going to focus on installing vinyl flooring over ceramic tiles. As you probably know, ceramic tiles vary depending on the quality, textile and design. Thus, the ceramic tile design you choose determines whether or not you’ll have to remove the ceramic tile before installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring works well in any tightly sealed, smooth or seamless surface. Vinyl flooring can be installed over ceramic tile if the grout lines for the tile are not deep or wide.

Why Nadine Floor Company?

We know how many service providers there are out there. However, there are multiple reasons why you should consider hiring Nadine Floor Company for all of your flooring needs. Here are some of them:

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We’re experts when it comes to flooring services. We offer vinyl, tiles, hardwood, laminate and carpet flooring services. Some homeowners think that flooring services are always expensive. That’s not the case with Nadine Floor Company. Our services are quite budget-friendly. This applies to both remodeling and original flooring services. Some of these services include:

  • Bathroom remodeling services– Bathrooms provide us with relaxation. With a combination of relaxing elements and quality materials, our team can customize your bathroom to fit your preferences.
  • Kitchen remodeling services – The kitchen is the heart of every home. We offer a variety of flooring designs that you can choose for your kitchen. In addition, we are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the job is done to satisfy our clients.
  • Carpentry services- This is in terms of repairs and remodeling. Regular maintenance of your home helps maintain its good condition for years to come.
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