Can You Install Carpet Over Wood Flooring?

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You can install carpet over wooden flooring without any difficulty. In fact, it is also quite a popular choice amongst homeowners in The States. But it requires some expertise and manual labor to get things done the right way.

This blog will help you understand how you can easily and efficiently install carpet over wood flooring. We will also discuss some of the common mistakes to avoid and get the best out of your selection. So let us begin…

Laying Carpet Without Harming The Wooden Floor

If you want to try a new look for your floor and are sure to get carpeting done right over the existing hardwood, here we help you get through the process.

Materials Required
Carpet pad
Duct tape
Seam tape
Masonry nails
Tack strip
Transition strip

Tools Required

Heavy gloves
Utility knife
Tape measure
Staple gun
Knee kicker
Stair tool
Power stretcher

Step 1 – Thoroughly vacuum and sweep the floor to remove all dirt.

Step 2 – Precisely measure and cut tackless strips with a saw or shears to fix these around the room’s perimeter where carpet would be secured.

Step 3 – Set the strips parallel to the wall at a distance that is 2/3rd the carpet’s thickness. Point pins on the strips towards the wall, butt the edges and secure these in place with masonry nails.

Step 4 – Unroll the padding and place it at least 6 inches apart along the perimeter. If it has seams, butt the edges and secure with duct tape. Do not cover the strips entirely; cut the excess with a utility knife and allow the padding to fall on the strips.

Step 5 – After placing the carpet, start hooking the edges into the pins of the tackless strips. Put the knee kicker facing the wall and kick its pad as you place the carpet onto the strips. Run the stair tool along the strip‘s top side to finish pressing the carpet into the precise points.  

Step 6 – With a power stretcher, tightly and adequately stretch the carpet, so it fits nicely on the wooden surface. Keep repositioning the tool to cover all sides and also get over the tackless strips.

Step 7 – Work your way around with the knee kicker to correctly lift, stretch, and set the carpet on the strips.

Step 8 – Use a trimmer to cut away the excess edges and get a neat as well as a uniform look.

Step 9 – Pick the stair tool, and push the carpet along the edges of the wall while tucking it under the baseboard.

Step 10 – Finally, fix transition strips across each threshold, and there you go – a clean, flat, long-lasting, and perfectly laid carpet is ready to be used.

Although you can install carpet all by yourself, it is best to consult with an expert. At Nadine Floor Company, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly install carpeting over different types of surfaces. You can also check out all our services for more information.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Placing Carpet Over Hardwood

If you are doing it yourself, be absolutely sure to avoid a few mistakes when laying the carpet on the wooden floor. These mistakes may ruin the entire experience and reduce the performance of the foundation. So let us quickly take you through the common slipups you must avoid altogether:

  1. Failing To Prep The Surface

Before you directly get onto installing the carpet over the wooden flooring, make sure it is prepared for the process. The base must be squeaky clean without even a single particle of dirt, or else the padding would sustain deep scratches over the time. Also, move from one space to the other, and not all at once.

  1. Not Waiting For The Wood To Dry

This must go without saying and holds true for almost any surface – once the wooden flooring is clean, make sure to dry it off completely; otherwise, the porous nature of wood may be susceptible to mold, rot, or mildew.

  1. Installing Incorrect Padding

It is always recommended to install correct padding between the existing surface and the new flooring layer, i.e., right underneath the carpet in this case. What is even more important is to invest in thick, durable, and heavy-duty padding to prevent long-term damage to the wood. It also gives excellent cushioning.

  1. Inadequately Stretching The Carpet

Allow the carpet to acclimatize to your space so it can warm up and stretch appropriately for precise placement. Failing to stretch the carpet will not make it sit tightly against the existing surface. Power-stretcher is something you always need, so the carpet does not loosen up with time and look dated.

  1. Using Wrong Tack Strips

What most people ignore is that every material requires different kinds of tack strips. You must understand that the strips suitable for concrete may not work on the hardwood. So using tackless strips designed explicitly for installation over wood must be your choice. It will ensure the carpet remains firm and safe to use.

Need Professional Help? Get In Touch With Us!

If you want to save the hassles of installing the carpet over wood all by yourself, get in touch with the professionals at Nadine Floor Company. 

Carpeting requires time, energy, and skills to get the details right. We have the needed expertise, equipment, and capabilities to effortlessly and skillfully do the job. 

So if you are in or around Texas, give Nadine Floor Company a chance to help you with your flooring needs. We are specialized in just this and you can totally trust our expertise. We can handle all your – big and small – carpeting requirements.

Call us at (469) 666-4530 or write to us, and our representative will get back to you with the best possible way out.

In the light of the current situation, you can also speak to our professionals through video consultations (by appointment only) and request a sample at your doorstep.

We are one of the best flooring companies in Texas, offering the most affordable, superior, and durable flooring solutions. Let us know how we can assist you, and we would be happy to serve you!

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