Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a go-to for most homeowners because of its elegant look and the way it enhances the visual appeal of the house. However, cleaning the hardwood floors is another story. It can be a challenge but you don’t want your floors to start rotting or getting damaged. So what is the best way to clean hardwood floors without ruining the finish? There are a few steps take when cleaning hardwood floors.Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

  • First and foremost, dust the floor with a cloth or mop that is treated with a simple dusting agent to pick up tiny particles like hair and dirt. This speeds up the overall cleaning process. Disposable electrostatic clothes are great for spaces that are hard to get into.
  • You could also opt for a vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment or an electric broom if you don’t like going manual. However, you should avoid using vacuums with a beater bar attachment as they can scrape off the finishing from the floor.
  • Use a diluted wood cleaning product like vinegar for deeper cleaning of stubborn stains like oil, grease, or dirt.
  • When there are relatively no stains for occasional cleaning, use a damp mop or rag and take care not to leave standing water on the floor as this may cause damage to the wood surface.
  • The type of finish on your floor will help you determine how to remove a mark on the floor. For instance, if it’s a hard finish like urethane, then the mark will most likely be on the surface. This can be easily cleaned with a mild clean cloth. For a soft oiled finish, the stain will most likely have gone through the wood and the stains can be removed by using fine steel wool to rub in the floor wax or odorless mineral spirits. Alternatively, you could use a crayon of the same color as the floor and fill up the mark with it.
  • If you prefer a more natural cleaning, boiling water and two teabags would do the trick. Leave the two teabags in boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes in a container. Dampen a soft cloth with the tea and use it to wipe the floor surface. The result will be a floor surface with a classic shine due to the tannic acid in tea.
  • The question of what is the best way to clean hardwood floors comes to focus on most homeowners especially during the humid season. During this time, use a dry cloth to wipe the surfaces or a slightly damp cloth. Also, use a suitable air conditioning or fanning system to keep the floors dry.
  • In the cleaning process avoid harsh chemicals or harsh surfaces like sandpaper, or steel wool because that could leave an ugly mark.
  • To further protect your hardwood floors and maintain their clean appearance, consider buying carpets, runners, and doormats, to cover your floors in high traffic areas.

Hardwood floors are naturally attractive and if properly maintained can make a house look very attractive. It is therefore important to learn how to clean the stains and marks that may ruin their appearance.