If you’re in search of the best flooring company for your home improvement needs, look no further than Nadine Flooring Company. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Nadine Floors stands out as a premier choice for homeowners in Plano, TX, and beyond.



Introduction to Nadine Flooring Company

Nadine Flooring Company isn’t just your average flooring store; it’s your destination for quality products and exceptional service. With years of experience in the industry, Nadine has earned its place as a trusted name in flooring. Whether you’re renovating your space or starting from scratch, Nadine has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


Best Flooring Company | Nadine Floor Company

Best Flooring Company – Nadine Floor Company


Variety of Flooring Types

What makes Nadine stand out as the best flooring company? It’s our extensive selection of flooring options. From classic hardwood to modern laminate, Nadine offers something for every style and budget.

Hardwood Flooring

For timeless elegance and durability, hardwood flooring remains a top choice among homeowners. Nadine’s collection includes a variety of hardwood species, finishes, and plank sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home.

Carpet Options

When it comes to comfort and warmth underfoot, carpet is unbeatable. Nadine offers a diverse range of carpet styles, from plush and luxurious to durable and stain-resistant, providing options that suit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Tile Varieties

Tile flooring is renowned for its durability and versatility, making it suitable for any room in the house. Nadine’s selection includes ceramic and porcelain tiles in various sizes, shapes, and patterns, allowing you to create custom looks that enhance your space.

Natural Stone Selection

For a touch of luxury and sophistication, consider natural stone flooring. Nadine offers a stunning array of options, including marble, travertine, slate, and granite, each adding character and charm to your home.


Best Flooring Company Nadine Floor Company 2 1

Best Flooring Company – Nadine Floor Company


Exceptional Customer Service

At Nadine Flooring Company, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized service and expert guidance throughout your flooring journey. From selecting the right materials to ensuring a seamless installation process, we’re here to exceed your expectations.


Free Estimates

We understand that investing in new flooring is a significant decision. That’s why we offer free estimates to all our customers. Our experts will assess your space, discuss your needs and budget, and provide a detailed estimate with no hidden fees. With Nadine, you can shop with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect.


Ongoing Specials and Discounts

In addition to our competitive pricing, Nadine Flooring Company regularly offers specials and discounts to help you save even more. Whether it’s a percentage off on flooring materials or special financing options, we’re committed to making quality flooring accessible to everyone.


Additional Products and Services

But wait, there’s more! In addition to flooring, Nadine offers a range of other home improvement products and services, including granite countertops and backsplashes. Our team can handle all aspects of your project, from design to installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


Conclusion: Best Flooring Company

Best Flooring Company | Nadine Floor Company

Best Flooring Company – Nadine Floor Company

When it comes to flooring, Nadine Flooring Company is your best flooring company choice. With our wide selection of quality products, exceptional customer service, and commitment to satisfaction, we’re here to help you transform your space. Visit us today and experience the Nadine difference for yourself!






  1. Do you offer installation services? Yes, we provide professional installation services for all our flooring products.
  2. What sets Nadine apart from other flooring companies? Our dedication to quality, service, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the best flooring company. We strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our business.
  3. Can I get a free estimate for my project? Absolutely! We offer complimentary estimates to all our customers, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.
  4. Do you offer financing options? Yes, we have a variety of financing options available to suit your budget and needs.
  5. How long does installation typically take? The timeframe for installation varies depending on the size and scope of your project, but our team works efficiently to minimize disruption to your home.


Ready to transform your home in Plano,TX with quality flooring from Nadine Floor Company? Contact us today at (469) 666-4530 to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards enhancing your space!