The way we live our lives has significantly evolved, and our homes have now started to reflect the effects of these preferences. Keeping the same in mind, our professionals from Nadine Floor Company are sharing all the new and evolving renovation ideas and trends for 2022. If you plan to renovate your home anytime soon, you must start planning right away. The further ahead you book your contractor, dates, materials, and secure your financing, the better you will be able to renovate your property on your set timeline.

Nadine Floor Company West Plano LocationIt would help if you started thinking about the most fun and exciting aspect of planning a home renovation: design. Like most homeowners, you too would want your renovation to add some value to your property and fit your lifestyle and aesthetics. After all, a home renovation project is for you and your family to enjoy. Our team from Nadine Floor Company suggests you should always renovate your home for yourself, not for a future buyer. Now, let us look at the top upcoming home renovation trends in 2022 that will add value to your home and help you make the most of your investment.

Converting spare rooms into a home office

Yes, we all believed that we would be working back in-office from 2021, and then, covid struck back. If you are working in an office, it would be safe to assume that you will need to have an office space in your home for the coming years if another variant pops up in 2022 and you have to go back to working from home. By renovating a room using minimal furniture, hardwood or carpet flooring, and a working station, you can make use of your spare room efficiently while adding to the comfort of your everyday WorkLife. If you are hesitant to turn an entire room into an office space, you can also consider a multifunctional area like the kitchen counter/home office hybrid. Talk to professionals and see what they can come up with.

Sustainable design elements

Be it solar-powered lights, building outdoor garden spaces, or refurbishing old furniture rather than purchasing any new pieces, all homeowners are always trying to find ways to be more eco-friendly. This year, homeowners need to consider integrating intelligent home features and equipment. From eco-flushing toilets to Tesla charging stations, many options for you may sometimes cost money upfront but will help you save a lot in the long haul.

Leveled up common spaces using wallpapers

All homeowners love to invite guests into their homes. It is essential to set the scene with a welcoming foyer that offers all guests a sense of your personality and style as soon as you bring them through the door. When planning on renovating your common area, you must create something more permanent. Many homeowners are going with bold wallpapers that reflect a colorful style across their property. Even professional remodelers believe that wallpapers are no longer viewed as old-fashioned or tacky and think it’s making a comeback.

Adding wallpapers is an easy way to add joy to your home, be it a painted accent wall, a wallpaper print, colorful furniture, or funky backsplash tile. Homeowners should continue to find new ways to add more color to their homes.

Outdoor pergolas

Neighbor hangouts, firepit nights, and barbecues will also be in trend this year. Your home’s backyard is no longer just a lawn; it is a space you and your family should utilize daily. You can also choose to add an outdoor heater or a water feature to make your lawn a great hangout space for you and your guests to enjoy your evenings. The main attraction of your outdoor space is your pergola. It is a perfect place for you to shade guests from the sun, hang lights, and add some visual appeal to your lawn area.

Wooden flooring

We all know the advantages of having wooden flooring in our homes. You might already be familiar with the primary side-by-side format of wooden flooring, which often restricts them to be more practical than decorative uses. However, professionals from Nadine Floor Company can help you take your wooden flooring to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking about adding a unique touch to one of the areas in your home, you can also choose to add patterned wooden layouts to your list of top stylish flooring options. Our team from Nadine Floor Company can offer you several different types and colors of wooden flooring that you should not miss out on in 2022. Why would you design a floor layout to look just like everyone else’s when you can choose a unique and fun pattern? Herringbone and chevron floor patterns are an excellent way to accent your dining or kitchen flooring. They are also a perfect addition to your bathrooms!

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