Is vinyl plank flooring good for pets?

You shouldn’t have to choose between your pets and your flooring. In fact, you can find flooring that can handle even the rowdiest of pets. Whether your pet has sharp claws or is not yet potty-trained, there’s a flooring option for your needs – that option is vinyl plank.

What makes vinyl plank flooring able to handle pets so well?

Scratch & stain resistancewaterproof flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has multiple layers. One of these layers is a wear layer. The wear layer is meant to protect the flooring against scratching, moisture absorption and staining. Essentially, the wear layer is flexible and thus absorbs impact. Therefore, the claws from your dog or cat won’t be able to penetrate the surface easily. And if they do happen to, the scratches will barely show.

Vinyl plank doesn’t exactly match the bold look of hardwood, but it has still got tons of character. When weighing the appeal of hardwood’s looks and the scratch resistance of vinyl plank flooring, vinyl plank flooring tends to be the best option for homeowners with pets.

Water resistance

Vinyl plank’s multi-layered composition also helps with water resistance. Water has to seep through all of the layers and reach the core of the plank in order to cause any damage. The number of layers in a vinyl plank makes water damage a rare occurrence with vinyl plank flooring. In fact, some vinyl plank options are 100% waterproof.

Water or general moisture absorption isn’t a huge problem with pets, but nevertheless, it is issue. How often does your dog drool and how many times has your dog shook him/herself dry in the middle of the living room? You can guard against this with the help of vinyl plank flooring.

Low in allergens

Pet shedding can result in allergies. Combine pet hair with dust and certain flooring chemicals and you might find yourself suffering from some severe allergy symptoms. The good news is that vinyl plank flooring is low in allergens. You and your family shouldn’t have allergy problems when you have vinyl plank flooring installed.

Easy to clean

Vinyl plank is easy to clean. It’s a flat surface that requires only a normal vacuum or mop to clean. And you don’t have to worry about drying up leftover moisture from the mop to avoid any damage to the surface, as you would with real hardwood.

Vinyl plank flooring can be found to imitate both hardwood and stone-type flooring. Even with stone types, vinyl plank doesn’t require grout for installation. The unique flooring material imitates the real thing by using a high-resolution image of the it. For example, a vinyl plank created to represent oak flooring would consist of a high-resolution image layer of actual oak. So it looks like oak, but you don’t have to maintain it like oak.

All of these characteristics of vinyl plank flooring help by maintaining your floor’s condition, even with pets. If you have a pet or plan to get one, you now know the floor choice that’s best for them.

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