Types of Marble

Marble is a natural stone meant to add beauty to a room, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or anywhere that seems fitting. You’ll see the various types of marble used most commonly as a floor or countertop, and sometimes as a wall material. If properly finished, marble will have a lasting beauty that creates a serene space for you to enjoy.

Considered the most sophisticated and luxurious flooring material, you will be adding a high-class element to your Plano, TX home. Your home will also benefit from increased value.

There are different types of marble that can be installed, with each type offering a different look and feel. Below is a detailed list of marble types. Every type will enhance the beauty of your home; however, one may fit your particular space better than the others. That’s why it’s best to familiarize yourself with as many options as possible. You don’t want to overlook the perfect one!granite tile flooring


Breccia is known for its light tones, typically pale pink, beige, red, and white. The thing about the many different types of marble, and most natural stones for that matter, is the veining and patterning are unpredictable. It all depends on the slab. You may find a breccia slab that is mostly a red hue; you may also find one that is mostly beige.

Basically, the color class of breccia will be consistent, but will vary per slab. You’ll have a warm marble option that will brighten a room and create a homey appeal. It will fit in perfectly as a floor or countertop with surrounding warm colors.


Unlike breccia, carrara marble sports a white base with gray veining. That is the classic marble look. You walk into a home and see the white/gray marble floor and you immediately assume the homeowner lives in the upper class. Carrara screams luxury!

The design has the power to overtake a room, whether used as a floor, countertop or wall design. There are rarer types of marble, however, carrara’s availability makes it relatively affordable. Thus, your home will benefit from the same luxurious appeal, but for a lesser price than the alternatives to carrara.

Carrara is one of the lightest colored marble stone types available on the market today.


Despite popular belief, limestone is considered a type of marble. The stone is very popular and is naturally occurring. It can be purchased in beige or tan, giving your home two very soothing design options.

Limestone is commonly used as a countertop option as opposed to flooring. Reason being, the material is porous, meaning vulnerable to moisture. It’s far easier to control the weakness given a small countertop rather than a spacious floor.

If you are someone who enjoys long showers, you may want to refrain from installing limestone in your bathroom because the steam produced can cause damage to the material. On the other hand, guest bathrooms that are not so commonly used can really standout with a limestone design.


Remember when we mentioned rarer types of marble? We were talking about calacatta marble. Calacatta is rarer and is therefore more expensive. It is also bolder than carrara. The veins are darker and more defined. Rather than light gray, the veins are typically a dark gray and often black.

The strength given off by calacatta marble is unmatched. The surface type will without a doubt grab everyone’s attention.

There are sub-types to calacatta:

For example, calacatta borghini adds a rustic blend. Mixed into the gray/black veins will be fades of goldish-brown. If you find the right blend, the borghini style can triumph any marble design.

There’s also the Michelangelo marble. This type is more pristine; in other words, unblemished. Solid marble is perfect for a home entryway. As long at it’s protected, it will provide luxury to your home for a long time.


Talathello marble is a very common floor type (at least, compared to other types of marble). It represents the colors that often come to mind when one thinks of natural stones—grayish/brownish. It looks great in polished and honed forms and will easily fit in with its surroundings.

The marble types will welcome a warm and cold color scheme. It will nicely compliment a kitchen or bathroom filled with brown or black accent colors. It will also stand as the perfect base design for spaces with lighter accent colors such as yellow or beige.


Emperado marble is best described as robust and vigorous. It is very veiny, and the veins are very random. Emperado is a busy design; therefore, most homeowners like it in moderation. It’s perfect for a bold countertop, but it may be too busy to use as a floor type. Though, the decision as to how to use it in your home is entirely up to you.

The marble type can be found in different shades. Some slabs will weigh on the gray scale, while other on brown or black scales. For a unique marble like emperado, you would be wise to collect samples to see how it translates into your home design.

Crema Marfil

Crema marfil looks very similar to limestone; that’s probably because it is a form of limestone. Its creamy color looks great in kitchen and bathroom settings. The soft veins are just noticeable enough to give the stone type some great character. Your Plano, TX home will glow with crema marfil as a floor, countertop, bathroom wall or shower wall.

Remember, marble is porous, and limestone slightly more so than other types. Therefore, if you do have crema marfil installed anywhere in your home, try your very best to keep it dry. It will stand as a beautiful shower wall but be sure you have a squeegee to use when your shower is done. Run a sponge over your countertop nightly and ALWAYS cleanup spills.

Black Marble

If you really want to go bold, go with black marble. Black marble will give your kitchen or bathroom a mesmerizing appeal. It will single-handedly take over a space and visitors will not be able to turn their attention away from such a strong, engaging material.

Black marble with white veining is the profound look. The industry term for the look is Nero Marquina. Streaks of white, wide and thin; long and short; aimed in any direction; you won’t be able to take your eyes off your home’s new feature.

You can use it as a floor, but the space would have to be large and open, and the surroundings would have to offset the dark color. The marble type is commonly used as a countertop, however. Your kitchen will upgrade ten-fold with the presence of a black marble countertop.

Polished Marblemarble floor tile

Have you ever walked inside a home that had a grand entry way filled with beautiful and shiny tile? If so, you were most likely viewing polished marble. Polished marble is typically used in grand foyers and hallways for pretentious purposes. It glosses, shines and gives the surface even more beauty.

This type of marble can be smoothed to such an extent that it reflects. It’s sanded and buffed to perfection. Polished marble is meant to stand out, but it is not meant for high-trafficked areas. Its smooth surface can be slippery, so installing it as a kitchen floor can be risky.

Honed Marble

Honed marble is essentially the opposite of polished marble. Rather than a glossy finish, honed marble has a matte finish. This provides more grip to people’s footing. Thus, honed is the version of marble that would be ideal for a kitchen floor.

The difference in creation is minimal; however, honed marble is only sanded. It is not sanded and buffed like polished marble is. In addition, honed marble is more porous than polished. You will need to have it sealed once every year or two if you want to maintain its lasting, stunning appeal.

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