What quartz countertop color is best for a bathroom?

Quartz has the ability to completely transform a room. It creates a look of elegance and quality. In a way, quartz is a statement piece for whatever room it is installed in. The hard part is choosing the exact color quartz that you want to have installed. Here are some tips for choosing the quartz countertops color that is perfect for your bathroom.

The whole picturequartz bathroom

Obviously, the entire bathroom needs to be taken into consideration. Wall color, floor color, cabinetry color, fixture colors…all of these play an important role in determining which quartz countertop is perfect for you. The overall look needs to come together if you really want your bathroom design to stand out.

The two most popular design options are complimentary and contrasting. Furthermore, a complimentary look consists of a single theme color for a bathroom. For instance, a white quartz countertop would look amazing with white cabinets and maybe a light gray wall. A contrasting look, on the other hand, consists of two different color themes. For instance, black quartz with white walls, white cabinetry and black fixtures.

Sample, sample, sample

Samples will give you as realistic of a look as possible. Further research would include looking online and seeing other homes’ bathroom designs. But to see how certain materials will fit in your particular bathroom, obtaining samples of the materials is your best bet.

Try to bring a sample of your flooring, cabinetry and wall paint as well. You can also take pictures of your current bathroom to help you when shopping. Vice versa, you can obtain samples of different colors and textures of quartz and take them home with you. This is probably the easiest and most effective way to go about your quartz countertop search. The goal is to create the perfect look. Before you know it, you’ll develop an idea for your dream bathroom, including the perfect colored quartz countertops. From there, you’ll just have to purchase the materials and have them installed.

Think 20-30 years down the road

Remember, quartz is a durable, long-lasting natural stone. Therefore, it’s going to be part of your home for many years to come. Your quartz countertops will probably last longer than you’ll stay in the home. Additionally, quartz will benefit your home’s resale value if you ever do choose to sell it. However, it’d be best to choose a quartz color that will stay in style for many years.

It’s easy to do so with quartz. It comes in many different designs, and the most popular shades of quartz are white, black, gray and tan. Each shade can match just about any bathroom. Those are two of the reasons that quartz is so attractive: it lasts for quite a long time and is capable of outlasting changing trends. Quartz is so bold and appealing that its surroundings match it, rather than the other way around.

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