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A natural stone floor is a perfect option when you want a unique look in your home. Natural stone was created by Mother Nature and harvested to create tiles that can be installed in the home to provide a lasting flooring type. When you install a stone floor in your home, you must take care to maintain the flooring, essentially caring for your investment. With proper maintenance, your flooring will look brand new year after year.

Keep Stone CleanStone Floors

Dirt, grit and sand are the most damaging elements to stone flooring. The abrasiveness of these elements can cause the stone to be damaged. When you have stone flooring in the home, you must dry sweep frequently. Use a non-treated dry broom or dust mop to remove any small materials on the floor. A vacuum cleaner can also work well to clean a stone floor, especially one that is textured. The vacuum will need to be in good condition to avoid scratching. Try to prevent dirt and grime from getting on your floor by using walk-off mats in the entryway. This will remove a great deal of dust and dirt before anyone walks on the floor.

Damp mopping should also be done at least once a week or two to give the floor a thorough cleaning. Use non abrasive cleaners so that you are not harming your floors during the cleaning process.

Spills and Stains

When something is spilled on your stone floors, clean immediately. Spills should be blotted away and additional cleaning may be provided with a light soap such as liquid ivory and water of warm temperature. You want to rinse the floor well and dry with a soft cloth. If you use too much cleaning fluid, you can leave behind a film that will cause streaking on your floor. If you have flooring made of travertine, limestone or marble, avoid using a cleaner with acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. Abrasive cleaners should also be avoided as well as ammonia based cleaning materials

Additional Tips

Take care to protect your flooring from scratching by avoiding moving heavy furniture on the flooring. Use movers under the legs of furniture to keep from chipping or scratching the floors. Table and chair legs should have protectors on the bottom so that if moved, any hard bottom of the furniture will not scratch the floor.

Take care to learn about the type of stone you have installed. Certain types are more porous than others. If a liquid is spilled on certain types of stone, staining can occur that would not happen on other types. It is recommended to install a nonporous type of stone if you have a home that is prone to spills.

Proper Installation

If you are considering installing a stone floor in your home, be sure to have the flooring installed properly. Such companies as Nadine Floor Company can provide a quality installation so you never have to worry about issues with the flooring based on the installation. When a flooring expert installs the stone, each tile will fit properly, be caulked well and provide a nice surface in the home.

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