Transforming your home’s appearance typically starts from the ground up. To give your floor the treatment it deserves, porcelain tile is a great option. From a wide variety of colors and styles to unparalleled durability and ease-of-maintenance, porcelain tile has you covered. With porcelain installed by our team of experts, you’ll be sure to achieve results that will truly last a lifetime.

Tile has certainly become much more popular over the years. What once was restricted to bathrooms and vacation houses has now become one of the most popular flooring options. With it’s wide variety and ease of maintenance, it’s not hard to see why. Tile has not only become accepted but  encouraged to be used throughout homes in as many ways as you can imagine.

Wait, that’s tile?marble floors slippery

That’s a phrase you’ll probably hear a lot after you have your new porcelain tile installed. That’s because tile can now take on such a wide variety of looks that you can find tile that doesn’t look like tile at all. Whether it’s brick and mortar, reclaimed wood, marble, or any other material, you can find tile that’s been made to look like just about anything.

The stunning realism of many materials, especially hard-to-imitate porcelain is, in most cases, unbelievable. You really can’t tell the difference unless you know what it is or if you feel it for yourself. At first, it might seem redundant to have one high-end flooring material that resembles another high-end flooring material, until you consider the unique features that make porcelain tile so desirable.

One feature is porcelain’s durability. Since the finishes have been kiln-baked, they don’t come off, even with heavy impact. This means that you can be much less concerned over scratches or scuffs appearing on your floors from furniture being dragged across them or by your kids dropping their toys.

Porcelain’s hardness also means that you don’t have to worry about permanent impacts left on your floors from appliances. At first, you’ll probably worry a little when something is dropped on your new floors. Once you realize just how durable the tiles are, though, you’ll get used to it.

Another great feature of porcelain is its ease of maintenance. Due to the way they’re made, porcelain tiles are basically self-protected. You can easily clean them with a wet mop and you won’t have to worry about polishing or re-finishing them. All you have to do is enjoy your beautiful flooring and impress your guests when they find out that it’s tile instead of wood or porcelain.

Built to Last

A material that’s this long-lasting deserves perfect installation. After all, you’ll probably have these tiles for quite a while, so you don’t want some minor imperfection to be driving you crazy for years. That’s why our installation experts take such great care when installing your porcelain tile.

They carefully measure every surface where the tiles will be installed to make sure that they make the perfect cuts to allow all the edge tiles to be symmetrical. These small details are what set a truly well-crafted job apart and ensures beautiful results.

Even after we leave your home, our permanent commitment to you continues. If you have questions about recommended cleaning agents, any issues you may notice, or anything at all, we’ll be happy to help you. We want you to enjoy your floors and that means a daily commitment to ensuring that you’re completely satisfied for the long haul. Make sure to check out the tiles, vinyl, carpet, and remodeling services we offer as well as our blog. Call Nadine Floor Company today at (469) 666-4530 for more information or help scheduling your renovation.