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Need a bathroom or kitchen remodel? Nadine Floors offers you the best flooring services in town. The company offers its customers a variety of products ranging from:

The organization consists of highly trained creative designers who will see to all the installation works. Whether you want a modern/up class look or an old-fashioned theme Nadine Floors has all that you require. With their variety of materials remodeling works such as kitchen countertops, bathroom flooring and outdoor/indoor appearances are made easy.Flooring

Nadine floors is ethic driven and promises to deliver exceptional services when you contract them. As a customer, you will enjoy professional guidance on which material to go for whether it is engineered wood, tiles or natural stone, they will advise you accordingly. This will help you make informed decisions which will result to long lasting floors and countertops.

At Nadine, you will have nothing to worry about because the company does not contract from outside. All workers are from within and in case of anything contacting them will immediately answer to your queries. Product quality is the company’s top priority and you can rest assured that your new kitchen, bathroom or living room will last until your next remodeling plans.

To be able to know if the flooring type your service providers have chosen for you matches with your home décor, you can carry samples home with a deposit amount. The deposit is refundable upon samples return. Consumers are also provided for when they need answers to their concerns in the website through channels such as email and social media.

Unlike other flooring styles, wood floors will provide healthy living for you and your family because dust trapping will be minimized. Wood floors and tiles (both ceramic and porcelain) are easy to clean and give your home a polished look. In areas where temperatures can drop to freezing conditions, wood floors provide the warmth you so desire. Although maintenance is required more often than not, consumers will find it easy to conduct. How to conduct the maintenance can also be taught to you by the experts.

Nadine Floors is also environmentally concerned. You may wonder where they access all the trees to provide you with their variety of products. They participate and support hardwood timber planting to ensure sustainability of tree resources. This tells you that their work does not harm the environment.

Nadine Floors website is accessible to all and so feel free to visit www.nadinefloors.com. The website is informative and detailed to ensure you understand what they do. Through the website, you can also learn a thing or two on flooring services.

Nadine Floors is a family owned company with expertise in flooring services. The company has three main values which are respect, honesty, and integrity. They are located in East Plano, West Plano and Frisco. They are proud sponsors of different organizations and are open 7 days a week at:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Call East Plano (469) 666-4531, West Plano (469) 666-4530, or Frisco (469) 666-4532 and get the latest flooring designs from the best flooring company.

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